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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Tokyo Day 1 : Arriving and Chilling!

The Capital of Japan. Tokyo Metropolis. Finally done visiting the beautiful peaceful city Sapporo, Hokkaido. Now, towards my next destination. Tokyo

At over 13 million people in the official metropolitan area alone, Tokyo have been the core of the second most populated urban area in the world (entire Tokyo Metropolis have more than 37 million people. Tokyo, high-tech mega city, modern, fascinating, full of cultures and traditions.

Took JetStar Airlines, bloody cheap (RM277), arrived in Narita Airport, took the Narita Express directly to City Centre, and taking Metro directly to my Hotel.


Hotel E Hotel Higashi Shinjuku (Higashishinjuku Station, A1 Exit), Address:  2-3-15 Kabukicho Shinjuku-ku. RM315/night.

Well i am not saying you have to stay in this hotel. What i meant was, you must try out the budget hotel, where the rooms are so small that you cant even open your luggage bag without blocking the walk path. That's a frustrating experience to have! Welcome to Japan. Where space are limited.

And, the entire Tokyo and any cities in Japan is well connected through the Metro and Shinkasen (Bullet Train). Therefore, pick a hotel adjacent to the train station, this will allow you great convenience and flexibility. To travel through public transport, just get the Pasmo Prepaid Card, easy.

Chilling Around Shinjuku

Since we are staying in Shinjuku area, and it was pretty late. So we decided to head down for a quick dinner and check out the night life.

Shinjuku Shopping

Shinjuku is the home of luxury hotels, giant camera stores and stores (Kabukicho), skyscrapers and of course, Tokyo's wildest nightlife and red-light district(Golden Gai).

Shinjuku Streets
Didn't really walk towards the red-light district area, because it was pretty for "man" place. So me and my partner just chilled around and had a must-have-experience.

Restaurant Vending Machine
Head to any restaurant with the vending machine menu. It was a fun experience getting blur with all the selections and buttons. At the end, we gave up trying to understand the mechanism of ordering the food (well the wording are in Japanese) and just hit the button of the food pictures that looks delicious and within budget. Slot in the cash. End.

There are so much restaurant around. Mostly a filled with customers. It was difficult knowing which one was good. We finally decided on this restaurant because of its small, traditional, cosy environment, and the food looks good (actually, because it had the vending machine!).

Falling in Love with Ramen
Delicious-Must-Have Rice Dish. Cant Remember the Name.
The Menu
Time to head back to the Hotel for some rest. The next day, will be a long day. We will check out the famous Meiji Jingu Temple, stroll along Takeshita Dori Streets, towards Tokyo Tower and finally getting lost in Main City, Ginza Area.


Huai Bin said...

Nice! Everything looks so foreign! I've been to Korea twice but Japan is totally unlike it in many ways.

We plan to go to Japan too but couldn't make it this year, so we're postponing to next year.

Can't wait to read your next post.

suituapui said...

The hotel room/bathroom cum toilet sure are small. I went many years ago on a package tour and all I ate was the food provided - couldn't afford anything else outside, so so so expensive...plus salaries for teachers were so very low...then.

The Yum List said...

I'm going to following these travels closely. I'd really like to visit.

Small Kucing said...

The hotel room size sounds like the Ibis in Bandung. can't barely squeeze into the shower.

Heard from friends that have been there that if ones knows chinese writing, can agak agak know what's written in Japanese.

Think my friend stayed in the red light district. Capsule hotel

Sybil said...

one of my dream destinations!! thanks for sharing this post!

Have a great day!! :D
Animated Confessions

Irvine Chin said...

hi Huai Bin, yes japan just like korea, a different world (culture and tradition). untouch by the western cultures. happy to share.

suituapui, good to hear that you had travelled. think older days are more difficult to travel, therefore it is more expensive?

hi yum list, if u had not been to Japan, you really have to. you will be amaze. i think i am going back whenever i get the cheap flights.

hey small kuching, yes, so small! but fun! hehe. as long as you are not too big or tall. no idea about the writings, but seems like there is some similarity.

hi Sybil, happy to share. thanks for dropping by!


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