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Friday, 17 April 2015

My Favourite Buffet Restaurant #Sapporo #No.1

After having a great time in Sapporo City, beautiful town with much to offer. Great city tour experience, shoppings and local food. Had a great meal at Ramen Street. Delicious. Done with town, had a exceptional day tour to places where one would dream to visit. Checking out the Ainu Village, ninja town and witnessing the ice festivals. 

Now, lets talk about something different. Something anyone would look forward to. Eating to your heart's content. The Nanda Seafood Restaurant. 

All You Can Eat Fresh Seafoods!

It is a large dining hall with lots of space, lots of people, lots of sake and beers and definitely lots of food. Buffet Style. This place is the only place you would want to be having all the seafood that Sapporo has to offer! Unlimited snow crabs, king crabs, hairy crabs, huge scallop, many types of beef, chicken, pork and lamb!

BBQ Style. Nice.
Variety of Fresh Crabs
Matsubagani or Zuwaigani. (Queen or Snow crab) is bright orange and has been pre-boiled so it is fine to eat it straight off the counter. Alternatively you can grill it too. Today is the day i fell in love with seafood.

Variety of Meat Selections

If you get sick of the freshfish and seafood, there is also a meat section offering many kinds of beef cuts, yakitori (meat on a stick), Tsukene (minced pork on a stick) and more. I love the beef. The beef here are fresh and very juicy.

To Buffet Lovers out there, if you are in Sapporo, you better not miss this place. I am unable to think of any reasons for any buffet/seafood/meat lovers will not give this place a chance.

The Entrance. Got this Online. Missed Out.
Address: South 5, West 2, Cyber City building, Basement 2
Opening times: 16:00〜22:30
From Susukino subway station walk three blocks south and then two blocks east. It will take approximately five minutes on foot.

The price is 3,480 yen per person for adults and 1,980 yen for children for 90 minutes all you can eat, with unlimited soft drinks included. You can also add unlimited alcohol for an extra 1,000 yen.


suituapui said...

Wowwwww!!!! Bet it cost a bomb. Everything's expensive there but it's ok.

Go some place, must eat their food and if can afford, their best... No point going anywhere and eating our own local food - many do that, I know...like people overseas coming here and eating McD or KFC. Gosh!!!

Irvine Chin said...

hi suituapui, yea, should really splurge on the local food. it is not something we get to try often.

btw, japan food was actually very cheap. this buffet does not cost more than RM150 with free flow of alchohol. i think is cheap right??

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