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Friday, 10 April 2015

Sapporo Day Trip #My Dreamtrip

No.1 Beverage - Anything from Vending Machine!

This post continues from my previous posting, Sapporo #66th Snow Festival #Top 5 Favourites, as said, here i will be sharing my next adventure, my day trip! It was honestly a Dreamtrip.

My Dreamtrip

We had a full-day tour by chartered coach. Started assemble at the hotel lobby at 9 a.m. The journey starts heading to Noboribetsu (1.5 hrs.) to visit the Ainu Museum. Then next stop, the Noboribetsu Date Jidaimura. Get a feel for the Edo period. Highlight the Ninja Stage Show. Then Continue to Lake Shikotsuko Ice Festival (Illumination). Love it.

1st Stop - Ainu Museum

Our first stop was a quick one, visiting the small Ainu Museum (Porotokotan). It was a fun visit, checking out their traditional buildings, cultures and lifestyles. This place history was quite well maintained. Worth the drop by. There are also enclosures, with really cute mountain pups and scary huge black bears!

3-4, Wakakusa-Cho 2-chome,
Shiraoi-cho, Shiraoi-gun,

At the Entrance

"Ainu", originally a word meaning "human". The Ainu, the indigenous people of Hokkaido with their own culture and language, had lived in Hokkaido, the northern part of Japan.

The Landmark Statue Lol.
The Ainu Homes

It was really cold out here. Time to head indoors and stay by the fire.


Chilling Inside
Ainu Folk Dance

It was fun doing the traditional ainu folk dance. Designated as one of Japan's important intangible cultural properties. They feature songs and dances that evoke the natural splendor of the North including iyomante rimse (a ceremonial dance for sending bear's spirits back to heaven).

Freezing in the Cold
The surrounding was beautiful. Well. Time for our next stop!

2nd Stop - Noboribetsu Date Jidaimura

Our second stop was my favourite. As a city boy, a Edo Town will bring my imagination into reality. "Thinking about Naruto", my ninja style!. This place is like a themepark, a Japanese culture park where you can play and learn a lot in Edo. There are Ninja and Oiran Show, Ninja Maze, House of Monsters, Food and Snack Stalls of Edo period and Stall Games (i.e. Yugi-kan (Blow Darts), Taiken-Dojo (Shuriken, Arrows), etc).

53-1 Naka Noboribetsu-cho, 

Lets go! Just came down from the Bus.

At the entrance to the park. Posing with the Samurai Warrior. For your info, the Edo Period, started about 400 years ago and continued more than 250years, was one of the most peaceful and energetic time in Japanese History. The Japenese spirit and life till today.

Walking Around
I think this place will be best visited during Summer. Where everywhere will be very lively and filled with people. The shops around looks closed and non-operative, but they are actually open, just everything is shut tight to avoid the cold winter winds/snows. So as everyone is hiding indoors!

Attending Classes!
We went to the Shohei Lesson Hall. Had some really great experience learning the make these Japanese paper dolls. It was actually pretty easy!

Ta-Da! Me made it!

The Ninja Show
Finally time for the Ninja Show at the Kasumi Ninja House. The place was small, but they made really good use of the house. A thrilling battle between ninjas break out in a house full of tricks. It was a really great experience. Love it.

We didn't had much extra time. But luckily i did managed to enter the Ninja Maze, this place was a labyrinth full of tricks and traps. I almost fell down many times due to the interior structure that affects your stability and mind. Well, i made it at the end! 

3rd Stop - Lake Shikotsuko Ice Festival (Illumination)

Our next top will be Lake Shikotsuko Ice Festival, experiencing some really interesting ice sculpture illumination. This place around the mountain areas, and it is really cold up here. 


Some Hot Drink for the Long Walk
The Place
The Lake Shikotsu Ice Festival is an ice festival held every January to February. There are also resorts and hot springs around the venue. It is like a hot spring town. This place makes a great getaway.

Believed ice are really steady during winter. Going in the ice tunnels.

On Top of Ice Buildings
The Slides

Final Stop - Back to Sapporo City for Delicious Dinner Buffet

It was a great day trip. Glad we had a coach, driving around like this can be very tiresome. As Malaysian City Folks, witnessing Japanese Cultures was exceptional experience. We had our share of fun. Now time to head back to Sapporo City for one of the best Buffet Experience. Will share this on the next posting.

Good Night Folks


Yee Ling said...

A must visit to Sapporo! Can't make it this year...hopefully next yr. Now I envy looking at your photos..ahaha

suituapui said...

Can see from the smiles on your faces that you two had a great time. Everything looks really great but no, I would not want to go into that ice tunnel - I've claustrophobia, fear of enclosed places (and heights too). I would imagine it closing in on me. Hehehehehe!!!!

The Yum List said...

I've always wanted to visit Japan. Thanks for the pics! I don't think I'd like to visit in the winter though. I'm a warm weather gal. :-)

[SK] said...

indeed a nice excursion for nearby places around Sapporo, you got to see things you probably can't find in the city..

Merryn said...

Love the pictures especially of the Ice Festival.

Irvine Chin said...

hey yee ling, sapporo is a worth visit place! should give it a chance!

suituapui, indeed u shouldn't go in then lol. i dont feel right going in either, never know.

Hi Yum List! Thanks for dropping by. Then best time for you is sakura season :)

Hi Sk, thanks. yes. thats one pro of following a good tour. This three stop is a must visit.

Hi Merryn, it was my first experience too, ice illumination is really beautiful.

Huai Bin said...

Wow! I've heard a lot about Ainu too, the native people of Japan.

Nice post mate.

We're planning to go to Japan too, supposed to be this year but due to GST has to be next year.

Irvine Chin said...

hi Huai Bin, thanks.

Airasia will have plenty good rates for Japan. You can probably make it this year!

GST is a big problem now eh.

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