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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Finally a Piece of Home Town #Steamboat!

Although a year period flew past so fast, but then again so much have happened within it. Still remembering all the hassle transferring to work global. Have been in Dubai for a year now. Seen much, did much. At least i am still able to accept what's coming ahead. Bad or good. No problem man!

Needed a getaway, went for a 12 days vacation to Japan (will blog about it after CNY, having the CNY mood in me), just arrived in Malaysia two days ago. Catching up with family and friends. Like crazy~!

Just earlier tonight, had a great catch up with two great buddies, Vincent and BenTan at one of my favourite Steamboat Restaurant, Hometown.
The Home Town Steamboat Restaurant, Kepong Branch
Me with Vincent and Ben Tan
Our Dinner~ Yummm!
I still loved this place very much due to the affordable price along with good soup base (Best Tom Yam for me) and food varieties. Delicious!

Location : Kepong 71, Jalan 11/62A, Bandar Menjalara, Kuala Lumpur 52200, Malaysia
Contact : 03-4024 8903
Branch : Kajang, Setapak, Kota Damansara, Rawang, Puchong, etc.
Landmarks : Close to Tesco Kepong


suituapui said...

East, west, home is best! Same thing everywhere I go - coming home...I would think we have the best right here...in our hometown!

Yee Ling said...

There is one outlet nearby my place too. I have been there twice considering the price is quite affordable.

Happy advance CNY to you and family.

Irvine Chin said...

suituipui, indeed. just like when you feel ill, somehow having some home town food just makes you feel great!

Happy CNY!

Yee Ling, yea, considering also the standard were quite there. Happy CNY to you and family too!

suituapui said...

QONG XI FA CHAI! Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy and successful Year of the Goat> Coming home? You're from Sarikei, right?

Huai Bin said...

Nice! I've been here and also to the branch closer to my home.

Happy CNY to you and your loved ones Irvine! :)

Irvine Chin said...

suituapui, gong xi! erm... not this year again :(

dont have enough leave, although my parents i going back sarikei! sob*

Hi Huai Bin, thanks for dropping by. Happy CNY to you too!!

Merryn said...

I've not tried Home Town steamboat. Wanted to try the one in Dataran Sunway but my hubs decided to go Ho Ho instead. Now Ho Ho there also no more I think.

Irvine Chin said...

at Sunway you should try Fat One. That one is very good! the variety is so huge you just wont believe it. lol.

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