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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Irvine's Diary - The Malaysian Chindian Wedding

In Love
Marriage, a socially recognised legal contract between spouses that establishes their rights and obligations between them, their children, their in-laws, their life. This time, i am back to Malaysia for a week plus to attend a very memorable and unique event, my sister's wedding! Unique.. the Chindian Wedding! The picture above explain it well, a marriage between a Chinese and a Indian. Chindian. My Sister's Husband is actually a Chindian already as his Mom was Chinese and and his Dad was Indian.

It was a event to look forward to as this will be the first ever wedding event for my family.

First day, the Groom will bring the Bride to the Church for their first Wedding Ceremony. Chinese + Indian = Church??? Don't make sense. Well. That's because the Groom family were Christian Believers instead of Hindu. Well there are many Indians in United Arab Emirates that was actually Muslims. Don't be surprise. The world is changing.

Waiting for to be Husband
Here He Comes!
Chinese tradition, usually on the wedding day, the Groom will come over to the Brides home to bring her back to his home. Which will be her new home after officially married. And that's one grand entrance. Limo! However, it will never be that easy..

Men Vs Women
Usually the Grooms Buddies will require to go through a series of obstacles set up by the Brides BFF. Usually in a form of game competition, it can be anything! Well, of course nobody wants anyone to get hurt.
The Brides BFF

 The games starts.
Money Solve Things. Red Packets!
Negotiation Time
Well, Money Solves Everything!
Well to be honest. The obstacle games seems too easy for me. Lucky for the Groom and his Buddies. Usually, you don't get away that easy without some hardship.

Entering The Brides Room
Now You Have Reached Your Destination
Give Tea, Take Money, Easy
 Then the tea ceremony to pay respect to the Brides Family Members.

Serving Tea to the Elders
Mom and Dad Putting On Gold Necklace
 Giving gold again.... Better save some cash for my Wedding!
Arriving at the Church
Now... after my future brother in law taking my beloved sister away to his own home, for another tea ceremony and prayers for his family side. Now we attend the Church Ceremony.

Welcoming Guest

Time for the Church Ceremony. Dad walking Sis in. Dad walks like stone, stage fright.


Prayers again
More Prayers~

Finally, Officially Married!
Some Shots After the Church Ceremony
A New Beginning
There Goes Your Bachelor
Cant Forget the Flower Tossing!
Who's the Next Lucky Bride?

Picture of Friends and Colleagues
After the Church Ceremony we headed to the Grooms home for lunch. Due to the long distance and the traffic in the city, they have actually organised their official Wedding Dinner the next night. Usually the Wedding Dinner will be held on the same day evening.

And so... the wedding night..

SpicyIrvine and EsterLuv is Ready for the Grand Dinner
Held at Aloft Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. The Ballroom was stunning, beautiful.

 Love the Wedding Cake Design. Love the Table Settings.

And the night begins
Cutting the Cake
Champagne Popping

Cheers to the crowd.
In all chinese wedding. It is not a wedding if you do not Yum Seng! A.k.a Cheers! Bottoms Up! Drink! Lol.

Cheers to the Newly Weds
Yum Seng!
 It is a tradition for the Bride and Groom to go every table to Yum Seng! And that's tough work! Imagine you have more than forty tables to Yum Seng!

Surprise Live Performance by the Groom
Group Photo With Best Friends
I hope i can post more photos, however, guess it never ends. Hopefully i pick the very best few for sharing here for this wonderful event. There is so many beautiful pictures to post up. The venue was stunning. The crowd was happening. There was so much going on. Everyone was well dressed. The girls were... ahh.. nevermind. Well, guess it's time to end the wonderful Malaysian Chindian Wedding.

Time to Get Wet

Oh Yeah~


suituapui said...

Ooooo...I love weddings! Awesome pics! Oozing with the joy of the occasion, very nice. I particularly love church weddings, so romantic. Always waiting for that "...now you can kiss the bride!" moment. :D

Irvine Chin said...

wedding are always a memorable event. and yes, especially church weddings ^

looking forward in seeing yours^

Huai Bin said...

Lovely photos mate! :)

I love weddings too, and your pictures are awesome.

It's nice to see traditions being kept too!

Coffee Girl said...

I used to hate weddings when it wasnt my turn yet... but now that Im safely hitched, i change my mind. I love weddings! lol. The Chinese weddings have such cool fun traditions esp the game part! i never understood those or ever saw them in person. But all the best to ur sister! The couple looks perfect for each other!

Irvine Chin said...

Huai Bin : Thanks for your compliments, but mostly kudos to the hired professional photographer :P some are mine though!

Coffee Girl : Yeah, seeing others going first, especially of the same age or younger. Indeed, i do too love chinese weddings. Have that special thing, yam seng!


mun said...

wow, what a lovely wedding. May the newlyweds live happily ever after!

Irvine Chin said...

thanks mun!

HappySurfer said...

Wow! Beautiful pictures befitting a beautiful occasion!

Congrats to the lovely bride and groom! May their live together be filled with happiness always!

Irvine Chin said...

HappySurfer, thanks for the blessing. c u ard!

Jacqueline Khoo said...

OMG the wedding is so pretty! When is ur turn btw :P

Irvine Chin said...

thanks Jac, on behalf of my sister ;)

ermm.. not too sure. probably next year? hehe

mackyton said...

Superb wedding ceremony!! The bride is so beautiful. Her gown took my heart away. I really love Malaysian weddings and recently attended a brilliant one at one of the destination DC venues. Completely enjoyed the event!

Irvine Chin said...

Hi Mackyton! Thanks for dropping by. And thanks, my sister will be happy to hear that. Happy to know that you love Malaysian Weddings ;)

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