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Friday, 25 July 2014

Day 7 & 8 - Hong Kong Finale


Fuh... Finally last chapter of Hong Kong. Getting tired talking about China-Hong Kong myself :P

After an enjoyable day on Day 6, hunting for "must eat" Hong Kong food, being all holy at the Chinese Temple praying for money and w***N, heading up to The Peak Hilltop for some chilling and walking around in Wax Museum and finally heading down to temple street and Lan Kwai Fong for some action.

Now finally our last night in Hong Kong, definitely feeling hard to leave. Hong Kong is a really nice place to be at. Cool weather, i like! 

For the final day, of course, the main highlight and so far the best attraction!


Although it has the name Ocean Park, it does not lies only on marine mammals, oceanarium, shows and entertainments. It have variety of exciting entertainments from animal theme parks, amusement park, fun and amusing mascots and well designed architectural buildings.


 First Stop, seals and walrus!

Very nice enclosure. Ice Room!

Lady insturcting the owl to drop some fishes for the seals. Cool.

Mr.Walrus! Definitely bigger than me and my friend polo behind!

Such a fat thing. Makes good food for sure...
 Star fish!

Sea Horses never fails to fascinate me more than anything!


 Erm... same to my luv of course!

Time to head to the next spot, amusement park!

Love the rides! They have almost every rides you would look forward to.

Snapping Random Shots

Flash Ride and Entertainment Theatre

 Lunch time!

The ride i love the most. Not much on thrill but definitely the beauty of the scenary

Yeah. Beautiful.

 Second Favourite Ride. Nice.

Coffee or me..


Real cool to have cable car rides to other parts of the park. Just proves how large is the park!

Dad and Mom

This is the longest escalator i have ever ride in my life!

Visiting the Giant Panda

Time to Head for the Ocean Park Main Show!

Top view always the best and safest. Marine shows always splashes water to the crowd!

Love it. Was good. Although no killer whale is a real KILLER. Maybe due to the case where the trainer was killed while performing. Though that was long time ago.

Well. Tomorrow is good bye to Hong Kong! Have a great time though. Definitely a place i would drop by again.

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