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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Irvine's Diary - Life Moves on so does my Looks!

Ironically life goes on. If some of you have noticed, i have stopped blogging for quite some time actually and only started back quite recently. Well do have some monthly post. Trying to keep up. Of course, to share my life experience as i always love to do. I do admit that in a blink of an eye, here i am, in my late twenties, *age*..nah. I can't believed my Uni Life ended in a flash. The night life in Newcastle. Drinking with cool mates. Have some coffee at the town. Travelling to nowhere. And boom! I am in the Rat Race! Was back in Malaysia working. I have been in the Rat Race for 3 long years already. Of course i have almost gotten myself out of it, it's all part of the plan. I struggled and pump up my basic salary in just a year (promotion), bought some properties, do some investment and have some long term savings plan such as fixed deposits, bonds, insurance invesments, etc etc ETC.

PS: My savings plan is all talk, never works. I spend too much. But at least we do have EPF in Malaysia!

In a nutshell, working in Malaysia for another 3 years does not make me closer to be out of the rat race. I do realize that due to my years of working experience, my salary goes no where in the Construction Industry (Btw, i am a Cost and Contract Consultant). I may start big early but it goes stagnant year 2 and 3. This is not a financial, Media or business company where you can shine by showing results through monetary capabilities, brilliant business plans, creative ideas, etc etc. It is just not like that in the Construction. Just not. It's the type that gets better the longer you work. There are lots of STANDARD Technical Skills to learn. LOL. So it goes with the age!.

So i decided to have some little booast. After 3 years of hardwork in Malaysia, and now more hardwork, I came to the tax free country, UAE, Dubai, to end the Rat Race once and for all. Hopefully, because i do have a habit to spend more once i earn more. Actually it was part of my plan to come to Dubai 3 years ago after i graduated but it was during recession period so i decided to stay in Malaysia first. Closer to family.

And now... Life moves on (above)... so does my Looks! Ha-Ha!

When i was in primary... there are people asking me whether i am a Malay

When i was in secondary... there are people asking me whether i am a Chinese, wtf*

When i went to College! Yea, i am a Chinese. But a Banana (Yellow Inside, White Outside)

When i went to University at Newcastle, UK... people ask am i a Hawaiian or maybe Japanese

When i went back to Malaysia... people know i am a Banana Chinese.

Now i am in Dubai... the cool thing is, people ask am i a KOREAN. was it the good looks?!. I believed is not because of the good looks (stab in the heart) but the small eyes.

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Alex said...

Lucky u.. Hate being in the race.

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