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Monday, 30 December 2013

Middle East Global Travel - Part of the Plan

I would say it is all part of the plan. That I have envisaged years ago. Deep inside me would define it as fate. Nothing could happen if it is not meant to be. Opportunity came, here I am, idealizing my plan through fate, working global, in the Middle East at Dubai. Let’s go!  

Having dinner at the Hotel next to Dubai Marina Mall looking over Dubai Marina Lake. Awesome. I see no Desert mate!

My work site, Viceroy Hotel Project Dubai. I am a Quantity Surveyor. Bet you don't know what's that! >> (Construction Cost and Contract Consultant). The cool thing is my site is located in the Palm Jumeirah! Where i will be part of the Dubai’s spirit of celebrating New Year hailed by Guinness Book of Records. Largest Fireworks Display. 


Well back to business, my work place view straight towards my apartment area, Elite Residence. Never get bored of the view every working day. Beautiful. Nice morning view when i arrive at work and nice sunset view when working hours end.

The place i am staying, Elite Residence. Next to Dubai Marina. Supertall Skyscaper Residential. Adjacent to the tallest apartment in the world, princess tower. And my apartment view towards the Palm Jumeirah. Astonishing. 

Cant skip on the Gym! Life Fitness in my Apartment. Lets go! I will get my abs for sure. That's my new year resolution.
 If you want to know something about Dubai or UAE or Middle East, shout out and I will provide the info
Stay Tuned for More
Middle East Travel!
My main purposed of coming end of December is this! Got it from youtube as my Nokia Lumia 720 failed to do the job.


Nux V said...

cool place to work and to play!

Irvine Chin said...

Hi Nux V, yes indeed. However not much kaki here, should have invited more friends to join me here!

mun said...

What an experience of a lifetime to be able to work in Dubai! Good on you for seizing the opportunity. Nice place to stay.

Irvine Chin said...

hi mun thanks. yes great experience. but living is a bit different for us malaysians, i still think we would prefer the western countries.

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