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Sunday, 14 April 2013

A Tourist Guide. Hong Kong > Macau > Zhuhai > ShenZhen Vacation.

A Tourist Paradise. When it comes to Chinese Cultures, Celebrations, Cuisines, Arts and Entertainments and many more. None better than then the Chinese Country, China. One of my very memorable and amazing trips in Asia after returning from my studies, working and travelling in the United Kingdom. You may not get to experience the European, Italian, Spanish, British, etc vacation style you had back there, but we can do it the Asian Style which is second to none either. I love Hong Kong pretty much. Being there just makes you feel like in the movies. Especially when you are looking at the cops in action!

Below is my itinerary for the trip! It have been proven workable and awesome! lol.

DAY 1 @ Hong Kong
0625 – Depart to Hong Kong
1025 – Arrival and Check-in
1200 – Lunch
1300 – 360 and Big Buddha
1900 – Dinner 
2200 - Rest

DAY 2 @ Hong Kong
1000 Disneyland
2000 Dinner
2200 Sleep

DAY 3 @ Macau

0830 Breakfast
1000 Depart to Macau and Check-in
1200 Lunch (Rec: Café Tai Lei Loi Kee - Pork Chop Bun)
1300 Ruins of Saint Paul Cathedral
1500 Venetian Macau / Shopping
1800 Dinner
1900 Casino Gamble Gamble Gamble!
2200 Sleep

DAY 4 @ Zhuhai 
0900 Breakfast
1000 Depart to Zhuhai from Macau Immigration
1200 Day Tour with Carlift
1500 Bus Station - Hitch a Bus to Shen Zhen.
1800 Check in hotel and dinner! 

DAY 5 @ Shen Zhen  
0900 Breakfast
1000 Free and Easy
1200 Windows of the World
2200 Sleep 

DAY 6 @ Hong Kong 
0900 Breakfast (Rec: Australian Dairy Company @ Jordan – Steam milk and scramble eggs)
1000 The Peak
1300 Lunch
1400 Shopping
1930 Temple Street / Mong Kok
2100 Lan Kwai Fong

DAY 7 @ Hong Kong
0900 Breakfast
1000 Ocean Park
1930 Temple Street / Mong Kok
2200 Sleep

DAY 8 @ Hong Kong
1000 Breakfast
1200 Free and Easy
1800 Depart to Airport
2050 – Depart to KL

  Time for my Fab Family Trip. Please stay tune for more updates!

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