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Monday, 20 February 2012

Poker Bear, No, Buddy Bear!

Ever heard of the Buddy Bear? Not many know about their existence yet they have been coming across buddy bear all the time. The buddy bear have been around since long ago. At arts gallery... Shopping mall... A street decoration.. Etc.

Buddy Bears are a series of painted, life-size fibreglass bear sculptures originally developed in Berlin, Germany. The first Buddy Bear was created by the German businesspeople Klaus and Eva Herlitz, in cooperation with the sculptor Roman Strobl in 2001.

There are two concepts which is the Buddy Bear and United Buddy Bears that stand for two very different types of activity. The Buddy Bears are an urban event, comparable to other events with a great diversity of animal sculptures that bring new life into many city centres. The United Buddy Bears, however, are primarily about their message - a message of peace, international understanding and tolerance among the nations, cultures and religions of this world. 

 Hi There Buddy Bear!

 Buddies For Life!

Lets Tackle Some Laddies. lol.

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