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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Singapore here JUBM COMES!

Finally. My company annual trip to Singapore have started! Am filled with excitement right now. Thrilled. Universal Studio with plenty of fun and thrilling rides. Performances. A game of roulette in the casino. Night life down in the city. Definitely can't wait to meet the peeps in Singapore! And have a night in the hottest disco in Singapore.

Ironically, we are going on a working day, Thursday. Most persuading excuse ever for our client will be it's our "annual event" outing for "Malaysia Day". For your info MD is on Friday.

So.. Our schedule for today morning... We met up in office. Three huge buses came. We board. Two left for the highway.. And the one I am sitting... Was not moving! Power steering leakage! Wtf* now.. After breakfast at kopitiam.. Sitting in the office meeting room chatting... Walking around the office catching up with colleagues that did not participate on the trip... Walking around and around and around... Okay... We are still here! Lol.

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