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Friday, 5 August 2011

Known or Unknown

Question: Will you be touched by someone that is willing to wait for you?
Truth: He/She is just not able to hook up with another they desire, and the story still goes as, "Hey i have been waiting for you!" and all i do is wait! Because you are the one. Wait. Truth is, because only you are giving me the attention. And you do look good. And so far i am only able to get you.


Question: Will you feel touched that someone is still willing to wait for you?
Truth: He/She is able but not willing to hook up with another they favour just because they know you are much better off with them. You may think they are not secure just because they are out-going. But they have always been ideally loyal even when your eyes does not sees them.

People will end up in the first option. Because... who actually knows the truth? You see what your eyes can see. And trust what you eyes can understand.

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