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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Pulau Ketam Not Just Another Crap Island

Hey Peeps! Today we will be venturing all the way west of Malaysia to Pulau Ketam! I can tell you, it is not just another crap island. Crab Island is simply entertain especially when the right company and people are there with you!

Pulau Ketam literally translated means 'Crab Island'. A small island located off the coast of Port-Klang. It is easily accessible from the Port Klang jetty by ferry. The locals are mainly TeoChew, Hokkien and Madarin Chinese. And that s**ks bad for local 'banana' like me.

Time for the Boat right from Klang Jeti, thumbs up by NicKing. Ahhh i am distracted. Watching Badminton Finals on TV while blogging. Ops... Shall concentrate on writing!

Viv and DesmondRaja going on board!
The view of villages around Pulau Ketam. Nice calm island with a slow paced life style. The only down side is the hot weather of Malaysia climate!

Timon taking the lead!

Hey Hey... need a room?

Love it. Egg Ice-Cream!

One think i love about these kind of island is the variety of seafood snacks you can get!

Whatever seafood material you want you have it all here. The local ones.

And Seafood Restaurants with the high standard.


Time to Feast -)

Wonder what it is called again. Fried Oyster with Egg? I think this one is Lala with Eggs.

Walking around and here we spotted something nice. A temple to pray for numbers. Finally my dream have came true? A day i get lucky numbers that will strike my lotteries. The day where my beautiful women, huge luxurious house and car all comes with a blink of an eye.

Another Temple.

Lets see who will be the victim to pray for the numbers from our almighty.

Oh... I need money i need money.... Need to get married... need to buy a house.. my sports car...

Thank You!

The Village area in land

Someone that got over excited over a village. How simple. Cough.

The shore

The Tour Shop

The 'Gila Seks'

The Cool Mates

About time to head home. It does not take long to venture Pulau Ketam. Just a day will be great. Nice island with a peaceful village surroundings. A great place for people of such interest. Nice Seafood Restaurants and plenty of seafood snacks.

Good bye Crab Island!


Hyundai Sonata said...

nice weyh! ok..already put in my wishlist..crab island! waaaaa!

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

Yes you should really give it a try!

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