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Saturday, 26 March 2011

I Hate 'overtime' but not OverTime

Living in a harsh reality. Not having a privilege life like a cat. So does cat really have 9 life? Ironically, humans only have one life. And it is really kinda fragile. No matter how tough a living being is, simple things can really cost them their life. Despite all that, we still go through our daily rat race in life, struggling for good cash flows to survive in the harsh reality. Work work work. Monday blues. A new whole week. Waiting for Friday. God it is only Wednesday!. What, we got to work this Saturday?. Sigh, it is Sunday night already. Now that's the life we are all going through. Most of us.

Tonight. Is the night we do our Overtime at the right place! Overtime!

One of the potential hang out place. Just right inside Sunway Giza down in Kota Damansara. A fine bar-pub place with nice seating and musics. Also having live music with a small stage just right inside next to the bar. I just can't wait for a barrel of starker to quench my thirst.

Block -08, Ground Floor, Sunway Giza, 
No.2 Jalan PJU5/14, 
Kota Damansara 47810 
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

That's why. I always make Friday my special night. It is a night for pleasure. Great satisfaction. And i will only do it with good mates and family.

My old timer friends

The Lord-Son and the SK-II

Belle. Hey, never show disgust to my beloved Starker Pint!

The Boys

The Girls


And The People. Hope everyone have a great Friday Night after all the hard work in the office!

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