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Saturday, 12 February 2011

Alton Towers Theme Park It's A Ride!

Some of the real great times i had in The United Kingdom was a day trip to Alton Towers Theme Park. UK Number One Theme Park. One would say the largest theme park in The United Kingdom. One would say the best one. There's fun everywhere! Thrill rides such as Thi3teen, Nemesis, Ritta, Ripsaw and Obvilion! There are two rides out of these many rides that really caught my attention and gave me the real thrill of adventure. Others were easy peasy. Was here, was running about, was shouting, screaming and had fun with BenTan, JooliS and EileenW.

The Entrance Tickets are About 36.90 pounds.
Located at Farley Lane, Alton, Stoke-on-Trent ST104DB

Cute hug-able mascots at the Entrance.

Welcome to Alton Tower PeepS! The other half of the Theme Park is the WaterPark!

Rather than going for thrill rides there is plenty of park to chill and relax. Just watch out for the duck poo.

One of my Favourite. The RipSaw!

The water rides and falls as we swing around in and out of the fountains below! Lucky enough i ended up dry! hehe. Note that it is turning 360 degree!

Wohoo! It is paradise!
The usual ride that you get in Sunway Lagoon, Malaysia or any waterparks in the world. But of course more thrilling and exciting.

Not half bad


That's one big crab mate!

Lining up for Thi3teen! Crazily long que. Up to an hour and a half. Did not manage to get any pic for this one as the roller-coaster went straight in the jungle and many unexpected event happens where you are alone. Whatever happen is a Secret. JooliS cried! ha-ha-ha-ha.

I love basketball. I shoot good free throws on the real court. But i have never even once won a gift from a basketball game. damned.

At least we won one through fishing.

Obvilion! My favourite personal ride. This will be definitely be in my menu for top rides i have ever witnessed. What's better than heading 90 degree down into the earth and up back? Cool.

BenTan, EileenW and Me. Embarrassing for sure! Oh yea. We went for seconds and my seat was lose on the second time! I really thought it was the end for me... aughrghhhhhhh!

What Exhilarating Day Out. Time to head home. And darn both of you!

Up next will it be Disneyland Paris or TownMoor World Largest Fun Fain in Europe?

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