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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Nic and Zhee Double Fiesta

I have always wanted to meet up with really nice people. And here we go, Nic and Zhee Double Fiesta! We have tried our best to invite our friends all together. And we did have a great night for sure! It was just like another reunion. I love it.

The Anti-Social people sitting outside the house. Joke*

The Cool Guys that Ignores the Girls

Harvey and SetYee

Yum Yum. Thanks to NicSeoh for all the BBQ Preparation.

The HengDais

A set of people from different world

Time for some Hard Liquor? Absinth! 85 Percent. Small thing.

Burn it drink it love it

Did the guys scared the girls away?

I guess so...

Chilling in the house




SetYee & Norman


The Cool Guy

Konon Lah. Ha-ha.

The main event for the night. They actually bought a over-cool-can't-be-real-joker fridge!

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