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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Irvine's Diary - New Generation Rants

An update on my simple and yet awfully problematical life. I am already twenty four years old. Finally started my professional career for real, in JUBM (Davis Langdon) based in Kota Damansara, Malaysia. I failed to secure a job in The United Kingdom after going through three interviews. And trying so hard to secure a job in Singapore and finally getting some offers but rejected them. How ironic. I am happy with my current job in JUBM as I got privilege as a starter and a better pay as a fresh. I am acknowledged at the start and I will hope and try to maintain it. I would say, it is F**king nerve-racking to be in such position without proper experience. Despite that, at least, I am closer to home.

Now sitting here alone, at the balcony of my room, using my laptop, and what I would want to say is... Tomorrow is Monday again! Ugh, tired. I did not have a good weekend. That causes me to feel tired and depressed for the days ahead. But I always believe that tomorrow will be a better day. Leave the bad behind and appreciate the good that comes.


MengZ said...

tidor la. jom find some hobby to do on weekend.

SuicideMunchkin said...

Least you're happy with ya job..I hate mine with a passion

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