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Monday, 6 December 2010

Irvine's Diary - Shit Happens

The day I anticipated so far have finally realize. The day I stepped into the working world for real and no longer a student without responsibilities. It is a big step for everyone I believed. I had finally accepted an offer in Malaysia. As initially I have been trying to secure a job down in Singapore. But to no avail, the responses in Singapore were bad yet slow. And while dealing with my interviews with both Malaysia and Singapore, I came across JUBM (Could say the largest Construction Cost Consultant firm in Malaysia). Located down at Kota Damansara. I have had an interview with a director named Mr. Lim. We had a nice chat and he had offered me a good deal if I would work for him. Given a better pay and a better training. Being a plus and have influenced me to reject many good offer in Singapore and finally made my final decision to stay in Malaysia. Silly me.

Yesterday, Monday, was my first day for work. Shit happens. I woke up early and had a good bath and taking my sweet time to prepare for the big day. I went out the house early, driving my beloved Honda City. While on the road, listening to Hitz.fm. It will be a pleasant day. While driving... I heard ‘bumpy’ sounds like my car seems to be slightly bumping along the road. Wait. Why is my car slanting towards the left? Without hesitation I stationed my car beside the road. Went down and checked. Oh----my--------Godddddd. I have a flat Tyre! Am I going to be late for my first day? Shit Happens.

Rushed back, ran in the house, search for another car key. Can't find it. Wake bro up for his Mark-X car key. He will never let me touch his car. He went searching dad's car key. Luckily I have another two cars to drive. Since my parents were on vacation and my sister was down in Brunei. Snatched the key and rushed off to the Toyota Camry and god speed. It was a scary ride down to Kota Damansara. Even a difference in ten minute or so, the jam can be severe. Half an hour ride could end of an hour to three. Fortunately for me, the next day was a public holiday. Therefore, there will be fewer cars today as most people will want and have been on leave. Thank God. Satu Malaysia. Was early and had a good breakfast at the ‘mamak’ nearby my office. A ‘milo panas’ and ‘roti telur’. Delicious.

Had a rather pleasant day a work. With fair amount of nice colleagues. And having two nice and sweet seniors Canny and Siew Wing sitting near me. Canny is a beautiful gal under the same group with me. And Siew Wing is our senior guiding us and will be abusing me throughout my career in JUBM. Treat me well, I am a good boiiii. At..... WORK!

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