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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Irvine's Diary

Sometimes when I think about how I deal with relationship. I do realize I am somewhat quite immature. In the sense that I am over determinate to make things happen and too stubborn to let things go. As long as I see hope, I will yearn to make things happen. I will find potential ways that will definitely make things better. However, it all runs down to how both party think. So, I am back to square one. Over Determine. Secondly, I am stubborn, and why? I would say, maybe things are not meant to be, but I am still determinate to find solutions. However, I strongly believed I have overcome my stubbornness. All I need to change is my determination. Or maybe it is a good thing? Depending on personal expectations I guess? Still, I know that I know what is really important to me now.

‘Today I did something silly again. I have repeated my silliness once again. End.’

I guess every person should be frank about how they deal with their relationship. For the first time I am saying my way... I am the kind that only sticks solely to one with all my heart. So I am loyal and sticky. Maybe that’s why I am over determine and stubborn! I will always try my best until a point where there are zero chances of redemption. That’s the only time I stay strongly on my words and not look back. I am cruel at that stage. I know. But you should know it is pointless to look back when there isn’t a point to do so. Appreciate what comes ahead.

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