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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Uni Life - Easter Is Not Just Another Ordinary Day

Guess time flies and I have been in Newcastle for more than two years now. A whole new life as I stepped onto the grounds of the United Kingdom as the Aeroplane landed, feeling thrilled. Everything seems so new, surrounded by unfamiliar faces. Everywhere I went there is something new to discover. That’s a once in a life time experience. I still remember the feeling I first stepped into my dormitory. A feeling that one cannot express easily by words itself builds up. Excited... lost... scared... thrilled... I have no idea. 

What one should care now is the present not the past or the future. Past are memories. Futures are plans. Presents are practical. It is Buffet King Easter Party Gathering!

Presenting you the buffet king uniform! *Buffet King is the restaurant i work at for some TRAVEL MONEY* I honestly don't really like the shirt as polo-T don't really suit me. HA-HA. Hoping they will change to formal shirt soon because that's what i look good in.

Today's party gathering is for Easter! One of the best gathering ever!

Left to Right : IrvineZ, Li Joo, MyaZ, Kelly Lin, Ben Tan, Noda Nett, Pat Pat, Pok Pok and ChanelZ!

So Mya and Ben Tan Pose

Preparing one of the best Myanmar Dish, prawn salad. Love it.


This is the Spanish Omelet!

My favorite by Kelly Lin. Chicken Jelly Fish Salad i think? It is not just the usual boiled chicken you usually had. Don't judge the book by its cover. The top layer is covered with chicken skin. What is at the bottom is all slices of Chicken Meat, Onions, Jelly Fish and etc. No idea about the recipe. HAHA.

That's nasty ChanelZ. Eat it!

Noda Nett the cutest in buffet king

Are they Les? Lol Kidding!

Noda Nett and Ben Tan

The Buffet King Gang =)

The Food! Yummy! The Best Meal EvA!

Bacon Roll

Li Joo and Kelly Lin. What's so funny eh?

Kelly Lin, IrvineZ, MyaZ and Elaine Tan.

Time to break the Easter Egg!

Pressure Point....



One game i hate most is Twister! Not gonna play it anymore ha-ha.

Killing... Tiring...

and confusing....! And a naughty game! If you get what i meant. lol.

That's all folks. I love Easter.


流浪汉 瑜伽 Yoga Tramp said...

cool nice blog, thk for sharing,
nice to meet u,
n wish all the best to u^@^

littlebenben said...

well, tats elaine chuah not tan lah u duh =P

sling said...

omg....all these food look damn good! btw, did u guys actually finish all the food? tat's unbelievable!

Vince said...

NICE! it seems you enjoyed every moment! I can see that through your pictures! :) COOL!

Greetings from: Vince Whinnery

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