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Saturday, 10 April 2010

Irvine's Diary - Find Irresistible

Is it wide of the mark to covet another that does not want to give what you yearn for. One wish may not be the same as another. One desires and preferences may be seas apart from another. Contrary in interest, there are no ideal realization of desires in life. But why realize something for another and then completely destroy it without much understanding? Standing tall and moving on is something you have to force yourself to and forgetting is something you always pray for.


littlebenben said...

which is why we need to drink more n get drunk often, n hence we will forget

Meredithjohns said...

dear littlebenben, in this case, you all have a rather illogical mind. In my opinion, that is not the right way to wash that case or any other away. :)

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