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Monday, 8 March 2010

Irvine's Diary - A Guess To Nowhere

Despite knowing the consequences you stayed strong and moved on with your life. Putting aside everything but leaving a tiny spot in your heart for the slimmest hope and believed that one day things will be as what it had been before. Although it is just a short period of time but it is everything you desired, almost. However, the tiny spot you left, was triggered once in awhile and ended up with a scar left behind. What caused all these? There is hardly any explanation but a guess. A guess that leads to nowhere because of contradiction and lack of compromising between parties, no give and take. It all leads down to maturity and understanding? But it all leads down to the biggest disappointment to me.

Will it worth that you fight for the respect you want or let it all go and repeat the same mistake again and again? I choose to fight, that's why i am always standing tall at the front line.

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