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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Irvine's Diary - Finally a Night to Cha Cha

The perfect getaway from all the work hectic and stress i would say, a short trip to a fine place with great music and event, Salsa Night at Nancy Bordello. Smiles.

I love dancing salsa! Really fun and cool, however getting a good partner to dance with is rather difficult. First i am not good with it and second not many people are interested.

Great day out with Elaine, Jasmine, Spicy, Ben Tan and Kwoky.

We actually played Monopoly while waiting for Salsa Night Event to get rolling! Rolling with dices first! Unfortunately no pictures while we were dancing salsa as camera boy is too busy hitting the floor with everyone else.

I am always rich while playing Monopoly, why not reality?

Nah nah nah. Take it all~

*Smelly legs*

No idea what's going on here.

*Sexy Back Posers*

Poke the Ben Tan!
Check out my old days at Nancy!

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