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Thursday, 28 January 2010

My Heart Will Create a Legacy

Living On with My Heart Will...

Smiles and laughter are life greatest presents. Having gone through ups and downs in life, with many memories we want to realize forever. Without a doubt they are the past, they are memories. Memories are what we can retain and recall, reminiscence. What we usually do is to write a diary, keep postcards, letters, photos and videos. Without proper security to protect your precious materials, it may result in being read by others or damaged.

Ever heard of My Heart Will personal page? It is an online system that keeps your personal memories safe and secure. You can own your very own personal page for your autobiography, personal or family biography and be remembered. With many services such as adding photos, videos, audios. Best of all, scheduled messages to be sent to your loved ones in the future. I love it. Just like Myspace. Keeping in touch with friends and family by sharing happenings in life through words, pictures and videos.

You do realize with technology advancement and increase competition on creativity. We are given many forms of services that we can use to our liking. Many of us kept our most precious memory safe from the view of others. Hiding it on a shelf, in a shoebox, in the pages of a novel, in the drawer and many other ways one can think of. Now, able to create autobiography online without much hassle and to share it to whomever we want only. Our memories can be kept in the upmost memorable way we want today.

My Heart Will...create a legacy.

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