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Friday, 18 September 2009

Uni Life - Thinking The Steps Ahead

Job Job Job

Getting a job is harder than you expected at the wrong time and in the wrong place.

Thoughts haunt you at this times... You will be telling yourself...

How great if i have done a placement? Life would be different! Imagine the experience and contacts you would have gained. Not only that, imagine all the pounds you earned during a year! Doing a placement paid in pounds can earn you a manager salary in RM.

How great if i have taken more part-time last time? Since i didn't end up with a first honor, i should have gotten more pocket money and enjoy life. I can't imagine not buying a PSP or a PS3 throughout my 2 years stay here. I can't imagine it! I need a life.

Why didn't i put more effort? If i would or can calculate. I would say... I have never passed 50 percent of effort in 80 percent of my lifetime.

How great if i have know this and that earlier? I could have saved loads of money. I could save all the trouble! I could save my time?? I could done this better! I could, i could, i could. Smack*

Why am i here in the first place? (ok i am getting too tense up)

I need a life! Give me one! F**K. Ok. I will create one!

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Tekkaus said...

But it is never too late to start bro. :)

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