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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

The St Johns Hotel

A great getaway...
..A romantic night away...
....A place with great offers to be selected....
........A fine location with luxurious accommodation...

The St Johns Hotel

Easily accessible by air, rail or car. The St Johns Hotel is conveniently near to Birmingham International Airport and motorway. Click here for
map and directions!

Equipped with fine facilities, dissolve yourself in the indoor heated swimming poor or steam room or pamper yourself with beauty treatments, which are free for guests! Head over to live music, comedy and theater venue just a short drive away. Indulge yourself with all the entertainment!

Wondering what attraction there is? There's Warwick castle, one of Europe's finest medieval strongholds and also Cadbury Worrld, Sealife Centre, The Big Wheel and many more.

What's most important? A hotel with excellent rooms!

Check out 'SEDUCE'! A romantic night away offer to entice you.

Do check out all the great offers available while it is still valid to avoid any disappointment!

St Johns Hotel, cheers.


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