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Monday, 3 August 2009

Cosmos Tour - Rhine Cruise, The Journey

We are back! In Germany, ready for a astonishing ride on the Rhine Cruise!

Here we are, the mighty Rhine is one of Europe's major arteries. It flows into the North Sea from the beginnings in the Alps, through Switzerland, Germany, France and Holland. Simply amazing. Indefinite length.

Waiting for the time to board the cruise, we strolled around the city.

Heading to the city centre of the area...

Mom, sis and dad


China man and sis likes to that pictures...

City Area

A must to try in Germany is their Sausages! lol. Know Frankfurters Sausages that you buy from your groceries store? From Frankfurt, Germany! ha-ha


Finally boarded the cruise...

Comfortable seating at the top. Soft fleecy clouds moving along the sky and it's sunny with cool breeze. Just nice to keep you feeling comfortable.


When you can't stand the cold you just gotta head down stairs. Nice place but not many people will stay indoor when you have such a nice outdoor spot at the top deck.

Nice seating with a bar for some refreshments.

oh my castle...

along the river... pretty nice view... enjoyed with a glass of red wine will be neat

What the hell is that doing there?
Up next i am in Frankfurt! Largest financial centre in continental europe!


Tekkaus said...

These places are awesome! :D

kenwooi said...

wow nice pictures! i've yet to visit any european countries.. one day one day!! =)

p/s: i've moved to wordpress, feel free to refollow. thank you =)


Leslie said...

Love your pictures from your trip. You can take a virtual tour of a Rhine river cruise boat at: http://www.avalonwaterways.com/common/Experience/index.html

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

tekkaus & kenwooi : yup. u guys should pay a visit one day!

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