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Saturday, 4 July 2009

Activities of a Simple Lad

Being happy in life is not a skill, it's the attitude. I used to laze around doing nothing then regretting that life was not productive and fulfilling. To get to where you want there is always a thing called 'effort'. When i muse over the pass there is always times when i make life wonderful. A walk to be remembered. Something like being successful. Not going to be ego and started with my once in a life time glory here. he-he. There is also times where i felt like a total loser. Still, life have been great lately, busy wizzie. Make the best out of it.

In the train heading to London Liverpool Street Station while watching 'lui yan dai yan'. I think the direct translation would be 'bossy female'? I am a 'banana'! Ok, let's start with some activities i had lately. Just some short updates of a simple lad life living in Newcastle.

Activity 1

Worked in Sunderland FC Stadium as a bar staff for 'Oasis' performance. After work, the first thing you do is sneak into the stadium to catch the ending! ha-ha. Free admission!

Activity 2

Heading down to Starbucks for a great Ice Blended Frapucinno! 'Dark Berry Mocha'. Yummy! Missed the 'Stawberry and Cream' i tasted at Newcastle Airport Starbucks this afternoon.

Activity 3

Quantity Surveying Karaoke Session! LOL. I hate. I sucks in singing. ha-ha.

Activity 4

On the sky tower in Frankfurt, Germany. Will be posting up when i got the time!

Activity Next
My path still lies far ahead... Give me a ferrari! Heading down to London again to meet up with my parents. Cool! Gonna head shopping with them. That's the best part. lol. Will be traveling around and then heading back to Newcastle on the 20th July for Graduation! Finally. Ugh! I am in the unemployed world. F**K!


Tekkaus said...

War...sounds like a have great time huh? Sometimes we really need that break to rest. Being a total workaholic is really not good. Well...at least that's what I think. :D

kenwooi.com said...

haha nice..
enjoy yourself there! =D


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