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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Irvine's Diary - Walking a Complicating Path

At times, curiosity builds in me. Wondering far ahead thinking mindlessly. The way of nowhere. I do wonder why do people make up stories to mess with other people’s life. Gossips I would say. I would care least about it. Still, just feeling how pathetic people can be at times!

However, that’s a very common thing. What i am surprise is, people do believe them. That’s what gotten into my nerve, imagine people having bad thoughts about you out of pure lies a.k.a made up stories! God!

Nothing bad though. Still, I just hate it. Hate Hate Hate. I would never tell a made up story. Cheapskate act. Even saying that I told them? Lol. I know clearly what I tell and ‘msn’ do keep histories. Better watch your mouth people.

What if in the future there are even worst stories? That would be simply pathetic for sure.
The moral of the story is ‘Gossip Kills’.


Tekkaus said...

You mean there are people going around fabricating stories about you? My...why would they do that? Well...Irvine...try to ignore it. Sometimes when we try to defend ourself people might thought that we validate the accusation!

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

[Tekkaus] something like that. more like, they 'think' something based on their own view and make some fabulous stories to talk about. Gossips. Worst thing is, seems like they r saying its coming from my mouth! lol! i know what i say! ridiculous ppl.

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