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Monday, 15 June 2009

Uni Life - Picnic at Leazes Park, Newcastle Upon Tyne

A nice sunny day is not something you get often in Newcastle. It is cold here even in summer! What's Happening!? lol. I remember it did snow during summer. aha.

Finally a sunny day and here we are in Leazes Park just in Newcastle Upon Tyne City Center. Chilling and relaxing. Enjoying the warm breeze. Quite chilly still though.

Junio, Irvine, Angel, Shitto

Come here ducky... i am safe! cough*

A beautiful park for picnics! Nice place. Beautiful pond with ducks for duck kicking when they walked on the ground. The ducks are huge! As big as my legs! Probably they are goose? Still, i would prefer the beach more =P

Where's ugly duckling?

Doing whatever we want... i was enjoying my nap in the park till this naughty British girl came and interupted my nap by throwing a volleyball at me! Laughing after being a cheeky b**tch. Wanting to play with me... I just gotta.... play volley with her! lol. Kicked it far away and off she goessssssss! Woof* time to take another nap. haha. jk.

Running anywhere we want... When i saw the ball entered the bushes, i quickly stopped running for it. ha-ha! Just kidding but i did stop. Natural? Eileen was nearer to the bushes, so she entered and came stomping out like a gorilla. phenomenal.

Shitto, Irvine, Angel, Gary's Girl, Gary. LoL. Playing 'Chor Tai Ti'. I never losses.

I need another picnic! Relaxing is my middle name ^


Tekkaus said...

Indeed a beautiful place to picnic o Irvine. War...you are in Newcastle. I'm so envy of you. You got to visit so many places in England that I can only watch from TV! =/

sabahking said...

i think u very "song" leh !! get so many beautiful girl picnic with u !!

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

[Tekkaus] lol. thx. haha come for a vacation next time ^ I will bring you around

[Sabahking] lolxxx

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