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Wednesday, 6 May 2009


As a guy, knowing how to dress right is essential for ones success. Knowing the right style that suits your future well. Yes, that style. Looking like a boss! Lol. True. People do judge you by how you look. Having a fine sense of style that suits your aims is important. I always go for more formal type of cloths. Not looking too like a youngster but more mature and professional.

If you are more conservative and don’t follow fashion trends, get a classic suit with two or three buttons. Fine enough. Ironically, many people don’t really know how to choose a tie. Worst, they tend to go for striking light colours like light pink for a darker coloured shirt. Your tie usually should be darker than your shirt, not brighter? Quick rule for matching is spotting the colour of your suit somewhere in the tie. You will know when you try it out. It takes practice! A fine girl that cares for you will be good to have around when you are trying out your cloths at the shopping centre.

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