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Saturday, 9 May 2009

Meds India

Didn’t you know that many medicines sold in the US are manufactured in India under license by the major pharmaceutical companies so the Indian manufacturers are highly regulated? I bet, many of you know how much extra cost we are paying for most of the things we have bought. In India, the same products are available to Indians at a fraction of cost compared to what we are getting in the US and Europe. The companies selling in the US and Europe are making huge profits at our expense! Those smart money makers…

Feeling like saving up to 80% on all these medicines that you have been buying all these while? You can head to Meds India, it is one of the original online pharmacies! Products are fulfilled by a licensed Indian pharmacy. Now anyone in the world can get the same medications for a fraction of the cost by ordering directly from India. Why not save some money if you can? It may take 2-3 weeks to get the order but if you plan ahead that doesn't matter. What do matter is how little you pay and how much you save. That’s what I call, buying goods directly from the supplier. Save big time. Click!

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