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Saturday, 30 May 2009

Uni Life - Clock is Ticking, Exam!

The clock is ticking. Just two more days and final exam will be over! OMG! I can't believe there is a time where i am done with Uni life. I am getting old! I am graduating soon! Newcastle will be no longer my home!

"so long~ good bye~".

Wait. I know there is redundancies and job cuts everywhere. I am still hoping luck will fall upon me. I need a job! I wanna stay here!

Ugh... why did my dissertation viva fall 2 days after finals? Now i got to wait 4 days till i shout "Merdeka!". lol. I miss Malaysia afterall. ha-ha. Malaysia Boleh!

Malaysia is a nice country, if only the people learn and grow up. I would say, it would be a top 5 country in the world for sure.

Ok. Just 4 days. Give me the power!

I just wish i have more time. Then i can 'yam cha', 'sports', 'chill outs' and 'cyber cafe' 24/7 session like the old days! lol.

If i am doing so now at this age, bet the girls will be saying i have no life. ha-ha. life. More pathetic as you grow older.

People shouldn't get too caught up with their careers. I need a picnic! Wonder why picnic is alright? lol.

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