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Friday, 8 May 2009

Uni Life - Emo-ing + Sulk-ing

Life have been pretty busy. Although ended with assignments, the future obstacles awaits. Exams and job searching have been a core. I have zero motivation to study! What's a good way to motivate yourself? Thinking about the pretty girls that would fall for you first class grades? Nah... geeks don't get such luxury.

I want to work here! If not how? Going back to square one again? I hate it! This time i am sure i want to stay back and work in the United Kingdom. Looking far far far towards the other end. I see some light!

Even when you think your life is all mapped out. Things could change in the future. I once seek highly on what i want to achieve. I did won a lousy debat before, i did organize a society as a founder, i did get to the top of others and... It just didn't felt right as life go on. Just don't sulk. Keep working hard! Getting someone that motivates you is important, not de-motivates you. Choose your friends wisely. Choose? Yeah, i should start doing that.

Money have became an important subject in my life. What can i do without money? Again, who said money wasn't everything again? lol.

Lately, I have been getting on with life pretty seriously. Doing whatever it takes to get what i really want. Great. I am not being naive anymore, i used to be the one giving people what they want? Silly old me. Then who is giving me what i want?

Giving too much does not make you happy. Getting what you want, that turns the tide. I finally understand the word selfish. Being selfish once in awhile is good! lol. Therefore, i stopped cleaning the house as it's not solely my duty. Simply, i stopped doing things that don't worth the time. I have much more important stuff to do. Devoting more effort and time in my own personal life. Learning new things and doing a part-time job. Of course, studying hard and taking care of bubbly and friends.

When people care least about you, you should not care too much too. Live life free! Do what you want!
When you get blame, learn from your mistakes. You shall not let it get to you. Do keep note, not everyone blame for the good, so ignore them when you should. Sort it out yourself! Such thing is complicating.

Don't be shy. Shy people don't get much out of life. Besides you are pretty good looking or you have the goody look that people favour. Then good things comes to you easily without pure effort.

A non-shopaholic going to Milan? World of Designers? nah... more like...

It's a place for you~ Shopaholicssss
A place for me to carry shopping-bags! =P


Tekkaus said...

Yes! Reality seeps into our lives. Who says money isn't everything. The older we get...the more important money is! That's the comfort of reality. :D

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

[Tekkaus] yeap. thanks to the elders for teaching us that money wasnt everything. now we r suffering! haha

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