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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Turning Point in Life

At a certain stage in life everything gets complicated. Not knowing what action you take may bring pleasant results in the long run. Probably there will be satisfaction for a short-term period. Pleasing your desires. Regrets may built up later on. You never know? I would say that's the turning point in life. Decision and actions says everything. Regrets or happiness is uncertain.

I got to admit. Life is easier when everyone is open, professional and sociable. Its terribly hard when everyone is not open and you cant find a place in society just because you are different. People just don't know how to manage different people. I always felt blessed that i am easy-going. So i basically mix well with almost anyone i want. Definitely well if they want and definitely not well if they don't want.

The number one step for happiness is always identifying what is the problem and solving it ASAP. People that don't change for the better may continue to offend or annoy others. That's something i get from all books that promotes successful and motivating thinking. I do love reading books that brings professional thoughts. People don't understand me because i don't come across many with the same interest. In second thought, i am never good at promoting myself? :P

Never back down from what you need to do or stay laid back and not bothered to think of what you need to accomplish. Continue to seek improvements in life. Live up to the expectations you desire. Everything in life are linked. Exercising is something you need. Looking good is something you need. Never give excuses that they are not important. They do make your life better and bring better end results. Never make yourself too busy for any rest. Critical thoughts or something useful may pop up when you least expected during your vacation break. Just continue to be a better person. Life could change! We work as a team not as a group. Don't play dictator!

PS: Life's getting busy in University. Dammit Dissertation, give me a break! lol. I hope Glasgow trip will work out ^^ smiles*


horizon said...

I totally agree with this
But sometimes and something its really hard to resolve, i have been a very down and sad man for almost 2 years now

"The number one step for happiness is always identifying what is the problem and solving it ASAP"

Ning said...

hey bro! hv a kit kat take a break hahah =P

Harmony the Sleepy Cat said...

It's good to be easy going, people always get stressed for nothing yeah.

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

[Horizon] gambateh! the greatest enemy is always yourself!

[Ning] haha i need more than a kit kat =P

[Harmony] yeap. if everyone is easy-going. life will be great. loneliness wont exist.

Lisalicious said...


the first photo looks so..........scary!!

anyway there is always a lot of turning point in life that you need to make =D

take it easy even if it is the hardest point to turn...

Junio said...

True. Having a great body and looking good does plays a huge impact in life. Still confidence is essential.

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

[Lisalicious] yeap. haha not scary lah. its art =P

[Junio] yeah~ looking good does influence a lot of things =P

Hurley said...

When you get back to Malaysia, I can bring you to a Toastmasters Club. The community there is more open and if you are into self developement...it might interest you alot. Let me know... =P

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

[Hurley] i would love too. i am only afraid i am not open to that extend? we shall see =)

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