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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Uni Life - A New Girlfriend

I got a new girlfriend...

I never knew this would happen...

Getting together with...

D Gurl N3xt DooR...

Shall we be together forever?

Love is an act of tender forgiveness, a tender look which becomes a habit


Up Next, Makan-Makan in Glasgow!


Some friends can be really cheeky! A April Fool msn conversation among Me, Miss A and Miss B.

A : ei is "B" with you?
I want to tell you something

Me : She is not with me, sup?

A : ok ok...
I found out that B change target on other guy dy
Guess who?
I was shock when i know it. OMG!!

Me : ha-ha. Serious kah? Change to L?

A : Nononono.
I can't believe that is was you!
It was you!
No wonder this few days help you so much

Me : April Foolll lah!

A : arrrrr... y can't you be a bit stupid

Me : hahaha. I am intelligent lah
Coz i wanna to play people also mah
I wanted to tell my housemate that i love her. ha-ha

A : Speechless*

*Not enough. Make it real * B came to my house with J and i gave her read the Msn * She actually replied for me *

Me(B) : Shit lah, B is here leh

A : Then, you also don't believe
Is true one
But you don't believe i just change topic lah.

Me(B) : Impossible lah
How will she like me?

A : I know her too well
Coz she so good ah. follow u go buy coat
Then when she know u want to change different style during the ball
She straight away scream!

Me(B) : Omg, no ah... she said she wanna go exchange jacket
got so exaggerate or not
so kua cheong
how now? i very scare of her leh
i dunno how to reject a gal leh

A : then prove to u tml

Me(B) : i g2g now, she's coming.

A : okok


So... who april fool who now? ha-ha. Miss A and B was hommeee and they share the same room. ha-ha. Will the conversation continue in their room tonight? lol.


Sling said...

macho, i jz let elin read this. Wahahahhaha....shok la.

Happy April Fool for her.

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

[Sling] haha. serve she right! wanna play us first..haha

Shinky said...


- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

[Shinky] omg. don't congrates me yet. read properly. its a big joke! haha

Shinky said...

Congrates that you'd fooled somebody?

Tapi mana-mana tau people love you leh... *grin* kekekeke....

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

[Shinky] ha-ha. i wonder? lol

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