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Thursday, 12 February 2009

Uni Life - Spicy Red Day

Chinese New Year a.k.a Spring Festival have been the most important period of the traditional Chinese holidays. You won't be a proud and respected Chinese if you just don't celebrate Chinese New Year? Gong Xi Gong Xi! We had our CNY blast over at MrsJoyce and SmokySimon place. With loads of food and beer (compulsory). More than enough for our cravings. The only thing i am sad about is that we did not gamble! lol. I am engrossed with thoughts of gambling when it is Chinese New Year. Here goes, the outdated post of Irvine's Chinese New Year.

The good part is that XtraBerryBec (left) came down from Glasgow to Celebrate with us! Not to forget MayVoon, Florence and a bunch of people from SexySLing side (sister, sister bf, sister bf friend and friend, complicating).


"Sama Jenis"I know what's your first thought when you see this picture. Naughty. Second thought will be "A pair of leg that belongs to someone that is Single and Available" =P

Food Food~

"Pamperish Face" demanding for food.

Happy Belated Chinese New Year folks. How much did you win during Chinese New Year? I did not even get a single "ang pao"! Sigh. Depressing.
What i daydream of most for a Spicy Chinese New Year


Sling said...

Macho, i really like dis post. the best ever!!!! hahaha...thz for advertising for me. i should leave my contact no. here, so tat ppl wil call me! hahahah....

BLue said...

That socks *gosh* Single and available LOL

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

[Sling] haha. i thought that u would kill me lol! =P yeah. leave the number heh.

[BLue] over flowerish socks eh =P

kennhyn said...

so many people gather beer sure do the trick, some more the girls are holding a full pint foster... haha

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

[Kennhyn] hehe yeap. drown them like alkiesssss!! lolzz

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