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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Slug Attack!

It was late midnight, checking out innit top post for some good reading experience and got pretty disappointed with some of the bombastic title but poor effortless content. They really caught my attention but when you read the content, the title was just for show. Ended up in kennysia.com as there was always post with a attractive title and also a entertaining content that does not contradicts the title purpose. His post seems pretty emo lately though. Very emo! lol.

After all the reading went out for a cup of nescafe milo and 4 slices of bread (sandwich). That's a heavy supper he-he. While walking back something caught my eye. Gives me instant goosebump. A little - chubby - cute - shinning - slimmy - SLUG! On the kitchen floor. Ewwww.... wonder where did that came from. The windows are closed. Probably the toilet? Yuck*

Pretty cute. So i took a picture of it. Really disgusting if you touch it.

Shy Away from the Camera. ha-ha! Used some advertising brochure to pick it up and went into my housemate room for some screaming entertainment. ho-ho-ho. Then threw it outside the house. Evil housemate told me to flush it down the toilet bowl. sweat. What if it got stuck?

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