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Sunday, 8 February 2009

My Blog is Cute!

I got another award! Sounds like a lot. cough. Actually this is my third award only after one from a blogger and MalaysianBloggerProject. I know you guys been getting 20+. Don't get cocky with me! cough. "Self-Shioking". BCoz my blog is cute. sweat.

Anyways, there is actually some rules on this award but i decided to create my own. Am i allowed to? I set the rules here. Sure. Don't curse me owner.

Thanks DaveenaExposed for the award and i would like to award the following 5 blogger.

1. Blurryhunniee
2. BabyKrina
3. JacJac
4. Crazywrazy5. Kurokei

What you got to do? Say thanks and be proud. That's all. You are rated cute by me! Adios.!

P/S: If you hate being cute. Just F**k Off. Wa-ha-ha-ha. Mind my language. If you wanna play professional with the rules, head to Daveena blog and check it out. Cheers.

Of course my blog is cute. Especially the owner with flyguy glasses.

What? I heard you said "no". Want a piss of me!?

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