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Thursday, 12 February 2009

Irvine's Long Distance Relationship - How it works?

The rules are simple but hard to achieve. It won't last if you don't want to. There isn't a point to continue reading this post if you don't believe in the creation of true love. Mr.Irvine have been in LDR disease for 2 freaking years and he can tell you, it sucks. lol. He has been missing all the hugs and kisses like it became a killer virus in his body. Sucking out his soul everyday like there is no tomorrow. He lost weight everytime he is in LDR (ok, something good) Definitely depressing if you are in it but romantic if you are watching it.

Most people do not believe in LDR, it is simply because they have failed or somebody they know have failed in the attempt. With all this bad experience haunting them, they start to avoid and detest LDR. There is definitely a problem with one of the parties, so LDR do works if there are no problem with both parties of the relationship.
Irvine's special questions of LDR disease :-

LDR? No Point?
Is to test you relationship. What's the point of having a true relationship if it can't even survive when you are apart? So that depends on individual interest, not many want to test their limits through something sickening like LDR. Totally not fun at all. Anybody will respect you if you do not want a LDR or it fails. So don't worry about it.

Different Views is a Problem
It is important to know how your partner feels about separation. Just as an example, at the outset, my girl said she never believe in LDR. I was pretty disappointed as i am the type that is fully geared for any challenges up ahead. After a few tries of persuading, i finally able to dig out the reasons behind her thoughts, yeah, due to her friends having a bad experience. So, i just need to prove it to her. Note. If i have not knew the reason behi
nd it, things could be tough later on with all the unknown emo'ing and turning in circles in finding out what's the actual problem. Be honest.

Limits? I don't like to be controlled?
Ok. Most people says you have to set your limits. True, it is based on the couple themselves. If they agree to mess around in the night clubs and all. I think that's alright? The point here is, you have to know what's your limit for your own relationship. Never compare with others. I wonder if my girl allows me to date other girls... hmmmm.. ha-ha =P

Making Things Work
Always try to live up to your partners expectations if it is for the good. Don't cause him/her to repeatedly get disappointed over the same case. Good communication is the key to enhance good relationship. You never want to have an endless war in the same battlefield.

A Good Sense of Respect
That's something i presume to be essentially required to avoid unnecessary disputes among all involved parties. If you know how to respect your partner by not doing any form of actions that could offend him/her, that will be great. Especially when another party is fooling around with you, you better not be too happy about it? lol.

Away From Home

Many says being away is better so i will talk about being away? Since i am away ^^ . There is always pro and cons of being the one away from home. You may have the advantage to experience a new life but loneliness can kill you if your partner is not doing a good job in motivating you on. Many will think being away is fun but the downside is you won't have your family and close friends to be there with you when you are having trouble with your relationship.

Have the Interest

Don't hold back, always find ways to meet up. It goes both sides. Work for it! Don't just sit and wait.
Surprise is always fun!

Be Busy and Bright
Don't control your partner too much, let them be busy and make sure you are too. You may want a good night call every night but your partner rather go on with his/her studies. Then let it be, go and study yourself. I always feel great when we are utilizing our time together with our heart there for each other. I always have the trouble of feeling down when i am controlling myself too much. Rejecting outings, not making any plan, not keeping in touch with other people and ending up not having a more happening life that i used to have back home. You may want to make a room in your schedule specially for your partner but it is not done that way. You may end up lifeless. Make a plan together if you want to make a room (troublesome). Stay connected in all ways!

Play Smart

Both parties really need to know how to play smart. Not hiding the bad parts but how to maintain the relationship. This goes for different individuals. "Relationship Success Criteria". lol.

The Fun Part

The fun part is always finally meeting up. Not the special occasion of finally seeing each other after such a long period of time. More like, how lovely you can get after realizing how much you will go through for each other? =)

THE LOVE STORY:How To Undo Her Bra With One Hand

You probably need this? Cough. Funny video hehe. Found it in the net.

LDR is all depending on you!
What do you think of LDR Disease?


Sling said...

aku tak boleh la...being away fr home already driving me crazy now. LDR?? i don even wanna think of it. haha...this is y i really salute and respect u bro.

=chuan guan= said...

wow..v pro..in relationship stuff..salute

Harmony said...

I think its the maturity of both parties that matters too.

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

[Sling] you never know when you never try it? hehe.

[CG] me pro? i hope ha-ha. If not won't have so many cold wars? cough*

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

[Harmony] yeah. Both parties knowing how to deal with problems and to handle the LDR are essentially important.

Hurley said...

trouble some la....after this I'll never go for long distance relationship =P

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

[Hurley] after this? after reading this post or? he-he. don't worry. could be fun? think positive!

BLue said...

My previous LDR sucks but at least I managed to have a taste of it.

Communication is very important when both can't be near to each other.

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

[BLue] yeap. if you are a bad communicator then that's tough luck.

hope u are happy now at least ;)

[ CuRRy ] said...

You are good. I salute you.

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

[CuRRy] looks like i disappointed u! lolll

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