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Saturday, 24 January 2009

Dublin - The Town of the Hurdled Ford

Remember the post about Spicy Irvine joining to Free Free Palestine Crowd? Now is about Irvine spicing up Dublin, Ireland! A trip of SpicyIrvine, DavExposed and AngelYin.

Fantastic view way above ground level. Took Ryanair and it was a plane experience to be remembered. No difference from riding the "cockscrew" in Genting Highlands. Totally Fantastic. Shit Do Happens when the wind is rough in the sky, the plane sux and the pilot sux.

We stayed in Avalon House, B&B (Breakfast and Bed)! Nice place! The environment is homely and the people are really nice.

My castle. Ever wish to stay in one? Ask me. he-he.

By the Garden...

Walking Free...

I even rock Dublin up Hardcore!

Judge it for yourself! I would say, true, false and false! What about you?
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Ann said...

I miss europe damn fvcking much!!
Eeeee irvine you make so jealous!!

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

[Ann] save on your shopping expenses and then come here visit me! lol

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