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Saturday, 17 January 2009

Didn't You Know?

There are quite a lot of surprising facts that we did not know or have not came across in our life. There will be only 3 stuff i would like to share, too many would be boring right? he-he.

The war between religion! If i have stated the wrong information here do shoot me so i would know and i can change it. Kinda sensitive history issue but i love sensitive stuff. Sweat. Heard from some tour guide, i hope i catch the right stuff ^^.

The temple was once a Buddhist temple where at that particular spot where you see a cylinder-shaped stone poking out. There was once a Buddha placed right there. Due to the invasion of the Hindu people, they took off the Buddha and placed a cylinder-shaped stone thingy right on there. Know what's that? The square stuff represent women and the cylinder men. cheeky. d**k.
If i am right the Buddhist managed to invade back the temple but was defeated by the Hindus once again. So basically they are playing around with Buddha and D**k.

The world without war is already that sad. So who wants war? Only big bullies! Btw, this kids have talented skills man. Look at how they navigate on the water like nobody business. I can't wait to see a croc coming their way.

I was pretty shock myself and i never knew advertisements will go that far. Elephants in Zoo Negara was sponsored by One Utama!! Sweat.
Up Next : Wtf* about those post about Palestine and Boycott America stuff? I will show you, the feel of being right there in the crowd. The intensity, the desperation, the atmosphere... stop war!


Junnie said...

hehe ^^ buddha vs dick? That's so funny haha @.@

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

[Junnie] hehe. that's why i am writing about it =P

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