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Sunday, 25 January 2009

Chinese Folktales - Rat vs Ox

Play for some CNY feel!

Gong Xi Gong Xi! No CNY updates yet as i am having project week this WEEK! Gosh. A terrible busy wizzie week!

Gembira Cina Baru Tahun!


Heard of Chinese Folktales? I found this article on the web and it definitely interest me. Take a look for yourself.

The Rat and the Ox
A powerful deity was in the process of choosing twelve animals so that years would have names. He had already selected all the animals and given positions to the tiger, hare, dragon and snake, when the rat and the ox began to argue who should be first.
Chinese Calendar Rat and Ox Story
Shaking his horns, the ox said, “Everyone knows I am big and strong. It is ridiculous that a tiny rat would even dare to compete with me.”
The rat replied, “I believe in my capabilities, regardless of my size.”
The deity suggested, “I will put the decision in the hands of your peers. Tomorrow you will present yourselves to the other animals and accept their verdict.”
The clever rat pretended to be in despair. “I must be a little bigger, so that the others can at least see me.”
The sympathetic ox knew he was one hundred times bigger than the rat and would always be stronger and larger. He agreed to let the deity double the rat’s size.
The next morning all the other animals were astounded and impressed by the size of the huge rat, but paid little attention to the ordinary ox. Since that day, the rat has come first in the Chinese Zodiac.

The rat year do came first by its period have finally came to an end! The ox will once again show itself proudly! Sadly i am born in the year of the Tiger. shoot.

It's time to finish off the rats people!

Shall the mighty Ox rise and increase my Page Rank to 5 this time. Oh might Ox! That's the only "ang pao" i would wish to get from you! Please to drop it k!
Slap you!


Harmony said...

Hmm, it's qutie a different story i heard ...

Ann said...

Gembira Cina Tahun Baru? I think it supposed 2 b "gembira di tahun baru cina" hahaha

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

[Harmony] what story did you hear? come come... tell me ^^

[Ann] hehe that is a direct translation from english to malay! =P

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