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Monday, 16 January 2017

Taste Kitchen @ Mercato Mall

Mercato Mall

Just before the new year we went to one of my favourite mall, the Mercato Mall. Looking for somethings to do. So we decided for the usual activities. Shopping. Movie. Dinner.

Taste Kitchen

We have seen this restaurant numerous times. Very interesting interior. Cosy environment. Not sure how's the food like. Wasn't really high rating on the web. Guess it's time now. Time to give Taste Kitchen a try. 

My Wife
The Husband

We had the Salmon Pasta and Wagyu Cheese Burger. Very tasty and balanced. Our drink the Mint and Cucumber, was well done. Very refreshing. Enjoyed the simple complementary appetiser with vege sticks and nice sauces. Well worth our money and time. Love this place.

Wagyu Cheese Burger (AED60)
Smoked Salmon Paste (AED58)

Booo to online reviews. This place deserve better. Portion may be slightly small but it was really well balanced actually.

Location : Taste Kitchen, Mercato Mall, Ground,
           Jumeirah 1, Dubai

Time     : 10am - 10pm (Weekend 12Midnight)
Cuisine  : European

Rating   : 4.0/5.0
Critics  : Plating was quite off. Pasta on a small bowl, looks like a dog bowl. Does not help anything. Burger on a small cutting board.  Looks good but created a whole mess around the table.

Will i be back? Already wanted.

Monday, 9 January 2017

Wishing you a Happy New Year #Burjkhalifafireworks

Brunch at Cheesecake Factory JBR

New Year Eve have always been an exceptional day for me. Not only a new beginning. Starting fresh on new year. A chance to get together with family and friends. NYE also marks my anniversary with my wife, getting together, knowing how lucky i am. What a day.

We started our day with brunch at Cheesecake Factory, Jumeirah Beach Residence. Nice weather. One of the best restaurant. Lovely place to chill. There are also other good restaurants like Eggspectation and Tike here. Definitely worth the try.

This year, we will be watching the Burj Khalifa fireworks again. Round two. Previously we had watched the Palm Jumeirah and Atlantis the Palm fireworks. Recommended.

Arrived at Business Bay Skate Park
Walking towards the Burj Khalifa
Our New Fireworks Spot! Front view of the World Tallest Structure.
And Here it Begun.
From down to top
And with a twist
Happy New Year!!!
We Wish You a Happy New Year!

Despite the wonderful experience celebrating the new year with good mates. Having a amazing brunch experience down at JBR. Chilling at the Business Skatepark. Walking together towards the Burj. Spending time together, having snacks, playing games while waiting for the fireworks. This year fireworks was quite a disappointment. The fireworks started earlier, as in slightly before midnight. Where is the fun where people started counting from 10sec? Further, the fireworks was definitely much nicer when watch from far. Waste of effort going near ha-ha. Happy New Year Peeps!

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Supporting Datuk Lee, Dubai World Superseries Finals

Hamdan Sports Complex 

Few weeks back there was the Dubai World Superseries Finals at the Hamdan Sports Complex just behind the Global Village. Definitely worth the visit watching star quality players as they battle it out in the Badminton match up.

Datuk Lee, Respect.

Of course, our one and only reason being here was to support our fellow Malaysian Datuk Lee Chong Wei (World No.1). Definitely the most famous player, the only one with a grand entrance.

GoGoGo! Datuk Lee!
Datuk Lee In Action

Unfortunately for our aged Datuk Lee to be matched up with the young, tall and rising star Viktor Axelsen (Denmark). Datuk Lee lost, 14-21, 21-14, 21-19. Datuk Lee definitely did not perform as how he could. No idea why. Was a disappointing match for sure. Datuk Lee previous matches was also quite badly played. Anyway, Viktor Axelsen was the Men's Singles Champion.

Men's Double

Our men's double made us proud again. Champion. Kudos to Goh and Tan.

Next up, NYE celebration.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Exploring Dubai - NYE in DXB?

The music of fireworks is near! Jingle bell will be coming first. But lets head to the main event NYE. On the budget? Well. Same here!  So what's your plan for NYE?

My 2013 NYE - Palm Jumeirah

My 2013 NYE was probably the best fireworks experience ever. They had this Guinness World record for the entire Palm Jumeirah fireworks performance and longest ever. So happened my temporary apartment stay had a balcony that actually had a beautiful view of the palm. And its on the 51 level. Definitely by chance and by luck. I hit jackpot. 

My 2014 NYE - Burj Khalifa

My second year NYE was pretty amazing itself. Watching the Burj Khalifa fireworks. World tallest structure. We went to this peaceful park called the Business Bay Skate Park. It is along with residential buildings having a park area with row of restaurants and stalls. Not very crowded. Plenty of parking spaces. At this fireworks location, you have complete beautiful view of the entire area. It was an amazing experience while having a lovely picnic.

My 2015 NYE - Atlantis the Palm

Another lovely and fulfilling NYE night out. 2015 NYE we went to an open area nearby zero gravity (where you do the Palm Jumeirah sky diving). At this fireworks spot, you not only get a beautiful night view of the Dubai Marina landscape, also having clear view towards the Atlantis The Palm. A very peaceful area with stalls or much crowd. While watching party cruise ship heading out to the ocean. Getting to watch fireworks from both Altantis the Palm and slightly further behind Jumeirah Beach Residence.

2016 NYE - What's Next?

Stay Tuned.

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