Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Irvine's Diary - Live

I once saw a quote about live that say something like "live is a wonderful world. Full of beauty, charm and adventures. There is no end. We seek them with our eyes open." Yes. We always create our world. We must always seek to look forward. The world can be very difficult place sometimes. Or very annoying. irritating. 

Like when you dropped your mobile into a bowl of soup noodles.

or maybe...

Your car breakdown

When your car broke down. Battery failure. Engine support failure. Etc. Etc. The hot sun! Having office/project right smack on the beach of palm jumeirah, getting taxi is difficult enough!


After washing your car, getting bird shit on them is annoying enough.  What say some sort of liquid that does not come off at all. 

Well, if you recognise that life is hard, things would be much easier for you. Life is hard work.

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Experiencing Shinwari Cuisine @ Wakha Restaurant

The Restaurant

Another hidden gem. The Wakha Restaurant, absolutely one of its kind. Shinwari Cuisine is renowned for customised butchering and cooking.  The distinctive feature of Shinwari cuisine is that meat is charcoal grilled or cooked with no spice, salt and in cooked in lamb's own fat, making it uniquely delicious. 

Waiting to be served

The lamb is hung and aged. Every ingredients was definitely fresh. Bringing out the best of its taste.

The Restaurant

Me and my wifey was hunting for dinner before heading to Mall of Emirates. We stumbled upon this hidden gem. Feeling like the delicious food was calling upon us. So we turned circles to find parking. We were glad we gave it a try. Definitely one or perhaps the only that serves truly delicious Afghani/Pakistani food. The place that i had the best lamb shank ever.

Waiting to be served. Btw, the Shinwari are an ethnic Pashtun Tribe of Eastern Afghanistan and Pakistan. They settled in the eastern valleys of Nangarhar province, in Dih Bala and nearby valleys. Mostly traders and businessmen. What i know, they definitely know how to cook meat. Thumbs up.

Complimentary tea and vege
Start by serving some fresh vegetables. That's very healthy for a start. They also provide us some traditional hot tea the the end. Very lovely.

Our Mains

For mains we had the Zafarani Kebab (AED40.00) minced meats mixed with other ingredients. Definitely played with the mixture so well that it tasted really good. Best one i ever had so far. Khadda Sajji (AED40.00), my favourite. Best lamb shank that i ever had. The meat was so juicy and tasty. Very tender, feels like it could just melt in your mouth. We had Lassi Sweet (AED15.00) a sweet or savoury traditional drink made from yogurt or buttermilk base with water. Very delicious and refreshing!

Location : Wakha Restaurant, Opposite Lulu Hypermarket
           Barsha 1, Dubai

Time     : 12.00pm - Midnight
Tel      : +971 4 3470788

Rating   : 4.60/5.0
Critics  : The ambiance wasn't that good from out to inside. Needs some refurbishment. Menu was not easily understood by expats. Perhaps more English description of the menu. With picture better.

Will i be back? Already craving.