Friday, 3 July 2015

The Meat CO @ Souk Al Bahar #Steakhouse

The Burj Khalifa cum Dubai Mall

Today we will be visiting one of the highly rated Steakhouse Restaurant in Dubai. Being one of the top rating restaurants by word and also in reviews, definitely deserve a visit. The Meat Co.

The Entrance

The Meat Co. have been around for quite some time, and have been highly recommended by Dubaians. Therefore, we should give it a try. I would say the customer service was great. The atmosphere was great. The ambience was great. The locations was great. The food presented was great

However, price vs food was still a though decision. The food here was very costly, as i could get something better with a cheaper price elsewhere, i cant really sum up the food over price thing. Well the price includes whatever that is "great", so it is still well worth it.



Embarassing it may be, my favourite will the complimentary bread. It was exellent and very well flavoured. One of the best. Everytime i visit a nice restaurant, i always look forward for their complimentary bread.

I had the Grilled Lamb Cutlets (AED 220), looks really delicious but unfortunately it was pretty tasteless. As a meat lover i did enjoyed it still. My partner had Steak, fillet, 200g as usual (AED 240). It was pretty good. And she love them medium.

The Interior

Honeslty we were not that impressed with the food. Maybe due to our budget. Probably we should have splurge more and ordered something more luxury. Then maybe, we can see how great this restaurant was. Afterall great things comes in great prices too.

Location : The Meat Co, Downtown Dubai,
                Souk Al Bahar
Rating   : 4 / 5

Will i be back? Probably!

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Best Shakes and Burgers in Town @ Shake Shack

Shake Shack MOE

After shopping crazily in the Mall of Emirates. Well, sales period! We got really hungry. Well, dinner time! So what's next? Time for food hunting! 

We went for a quick bite at one of our favourites, Shake Shack. We do come here quite often because they do have one of the best shakes and burgers around.

For tourist i would recommend the one at the Dubai Mall, Souk Al Bahar, overlooking the huge water fountains with musical fountain every 30min and having a great view of the Burj Khalifa (World Tallest Building).

Waiting for food!

Our Meal for Today

I can't demand more. Shake Shack provides really simple and delicious burgers, hot dogs, fries and shakes. Every one of them blend well together. One thing i like the most is the bread, kinda soft, sweet and tasty. Goes really well with the patty, bacons and cheese, the SmokeShack (AED38). 

Love dipping the crinkle cut potatoes (fries) (AED12) in the creamy vanilla shake (AED25). Great mixture and flavour putting them together. Something like dipping McD fries in the vanilla sundae icecream. At a higher level, my way of saying. LOL. 

Lastly, cant say more for the hot dog, New York Style Hot Dog (AED21). Thumbs Up.

The only downpart will be no value meal!

Location: Next to Upper Level Food Court
Rating : 4.4/5
Will i be back? As long as i dont mind the price and calories!

Friday, 26 June 2015

Having Delicious Ribs and Rumps @ Dubai Mall

Went to pick up my partner today, and as usual we will be having our dinner here in the mall, the Dubai Mall (So Called World Largest Mall). Craving for meat, some realy deliciously juicy and tender meat, comes in a huge portion. We thought hard...

Finally we decided with Ribs and Rumps. One of the most delicious ribs i ever had, you can find it here.

The Restaurant

You can find this restaurant at the food court. Facing the ice skating ring. Ribs and Rumps Will be the ideal place to dine when there is a ice hockey match or ice performance.

Ice Skating Ring
Steak 300g (AED 145)

There you go, some juicy juicy for dinner. We had the delicious famous original steaks. One of their finest quality wet-aged steaks served. Lightly basted, char-grilled to order. As expected, you will get to chose different cuts such as rump, striploin, fillet, rib-eye, t-bone, etc.

Beef Short Ribs (AED150)

I pampered myself with one of my best favourites. Filled with flavour. The Beef Short Ribs. 150 day grain-fed Australian bone-in short rib, braised for 3 hours, finished on the grill with special home-made BBQ sauce. This one is very good. One of the best i ever had. I love it.

Had a satisfying dinner. If you still have some place for desserts, craving for the best desserts to go with, i would recommend Project Cupcake, just near the Aquarium. One of the best red velvets cupcakes i ever had.

If you have plenty of space, definitely not to miss Granny's Waffles. The best ever waffles and pancakes. I loved them.

Location : Food Court, Dubai Mall
Rating   : 4 / 5

Will i be back? Yes!

Monday, 22 June 2015

Irvine's Diary - Happy Birthday Dad!

Today's a day with much thoughts going on. About life. How we manage them. Well, one can't ask for everything.

Today is Dad's birthday. Great day. Great for celebration, but i am away! Yes, am abroad. Working in Dubai have brought me far away from home once again.

Happy Birthday Dad, hope you had a great time! And i did share for the present ya! The Outdoor BBQ Pit and flight tickets for travel to China.

Family Photo
Dad Birthday Dinner at Tony Roma

Friday, 19 June 2015

Creekside Japanese Restaurant @ Shereton Hotel Dubai

Buffet, Buffet, Buffet! Well, people will start asking when will I ever get sick of Buffet? The answer is yes, i am already pretty sick of buffet, but when i am hungry, i tend to crave for having a great variety of delicious food. So at the end of the day, here i am again. Having buffet, shy~.

Ramadan started today, and usually during the Ramadan times, we always have the thought of having a great feast during the evening. So i started imagining and started feeling really hungry!. 

Great thing the road traffic was smooth flowing during the Ramadan, hence, we decided to go somewhere further from our place. This time, we venture towards downtown, the Dubai Creekside.

Creekside Sheraton Hotel
Sheraton Hotel Interior

Yes. The Sheraton Hotel. Beautiful, the interior designs was something to talk about. Really awesome. We will be having our Buffet here in the Hotel, the Creekside Japanese Restaurant. Today we want something with great standards to kick start our Ramadan appetites. Something Japanese. 

Feasting Again

What i love about this place is having three live stations. The meat, seafood and noodles. A Teppanyaki Station. Having a wide variety of choices to choose from, they will cook it, present it like in a fine dining restaurant and then served it to your table. Nice.

Meat Station
Seafood Station
Noodle Station
Going for the Juicy Meat First
Can't resist the delicious and juicy meat. Nice cut of beef, lamb and chicken. I immediately made some order at the meat and seafood station. The food was great. They present them well, and they taste great too.

From the Live Station
Next on, the sushi fresh seafood, salads and sushis~ The selection was fine, having quite the selections. I enjoyed the sushi. They were really delicious. The Oyster was fantastic. They have marinated it in advance, this was the best fresh oyster i ever had.

Seafood and Sushi
Some Tempuras, Dim Sum and Buns
No Fear, Just Chow!

Creekside Japanese Restaurant, Sheraton Dubai Creek Hotel.
Baniyas Street, P.O. Box 4250, Dubai.
Tel: 04 207 1750
Price : AED 179/person
Rating : 4 / 5
Will i be back? Yes!

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Crazy for Buffet @ Nosh, Movenpick Hotel, Jumeirah Lake Towers

Outdoor Seating

Feeling hungry. Craving for varieties. We were craving for buffet again. Thinking hard on what to chow on. Me and my partner are buffet lovers, we used to go for Japanese Buffet and Steamboats when we were in Malaysia.

But for today, we are in Dubai. It's more about international here. Fusions. Hmmm... let's see... looking for a buffet somewhere near Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach Residences or Jumeirah Lake Towers...

The Nosh Buffet

Feeling exhausted after work and we didn't want to go too far from home. Fortunately there is a decent buffet restaurant nearby. The Nosh Buffet Restaurant at the Movenpick Hotel at JLT Cluster A.

The Nosh Buffet Restaurant serves up refined international fusion cuisine. The buffet was actually pretty small, however there are quite a variety of unique choices and the cooking and presentation was good.

Seafood Time!

As usual, starting with seafoods. Who cares about seafood allergy now.

My Favourite. Malaysian Curry Fish
Second Round. Always meaty.
Wanna Diet don't Eat Buffet Lah~

Fat detected. We started gaining weight due to too much heavy meals lately. We enjoy eating varieties, therefore, we usually ended up ordering too much food when we were out for meals. What say, buffet! Eat all you can :D
Location: The Nosh at Movenpick Hotel, JLT, Cluster A
Price: AED 150

Tel: 04 438 0000

Rating : 3.5/5
Will i be back? Maybe! 

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Irvine's Diary - Working Life, finally the 1600Ton Crawler Crane is Moving!

Today, i will be one and a half year old in Dubai. Time flies. Honestly, time flies here. Really flies! It felt like only yesterday i made and executed my plan to work global (more like an excuse to travel the middle east)

Working life here have been rather balanced. You work hard at work, during working time. You leave work on time. Working Overtime is for your own interest. Weekend are for personal time. Annual leave are great rewards. That's why time flies!

Working life here have been very different. Compared to most Malaysian Culture, where people spend time chatting during working time, dragging work, then working Overtime. Also due to pleasing company and upper level interest. Coming back to work on weekend due to deadlines / client pressure. Having second thought of vacation because nobody is there to do the work for you.

Well, at least my previous company is like that. If you don't start showing you are working Overtime, directors and bosses started getting "worried" you are not doing enough. LOL.

That's it, let's focus on Dubai, the desert safari country! Do check out my Exploring Dubai posting for some quick facts.

Full View
Finally this big daddy is moving, the 1600Ton Crawler Crane is moving. What's so special about this crane? Well, it's a very very rare case you see one in a building construction. This big daddy was considered a "hot thing" or you can say experiencing "first time" among us construction peeps. We needed this big daddy due to the construction of the large steel structure connecting bridge at the centre of the building. The Steel was too huge and heavy for any normal crane to lift them up and also due to limited spaces nearby the building centre. So we needed one crane far away.

It cost more than AED 4 Million to have this big daddy for a month.

Crawler Crane Counter Weight
Back View
There you go. I was actually getting really excited thinking the crawler crane will succumb and tumble due to the huge steel structure weight. Some great show to see :-P

First Piece!
Yeah! Congratulation. Finally the first piece of the Structural Steel will be installed. Waited more than a year for this guys to get on board, but their work lasted less than a month. 

Done with work, me and my partner decided to have some Asian food. Well, we do get Malaysian Food here in Dubai too, not that authentic though. But today, we want some Korean! Hunted for Korean restaurant and here we are, at one authentic korean restaurant, Koreana!

Standard Sides (Included)
Topokki (AED30)
Dak-Galbi (AED85)
The food here in Koreana was ok ok to me, but i did enjoyed it because their cooking felt quite Korean home style cooking (not like i stay in Korea, but just felt like).

Location: Barsha, Dubai, Near Al Zahra Hospital, Sheikh Zayed Road
Tel: 04 392 9918
Rating : 3.5/5
Will i be back? Yes!

Friday, 12 June 2015

What i don't miss about Newcastle Upon Tyne

As most of you have already known. I am a Newcastle Upon Tyne Graduate. I studied in the UK for two years, then work + travel for another year. There goes my uni life in Newcastle~

What i dont miss!

World Largest Moving Funfair.
  There are no awesome Fun Fairs. All small and dodgy.

Alcohols for the Night. At The Gate, Beyond.
 Nobody drinks here. Nobody enjoys getting wasted.

Halloween Night
 People here are geeks. Nobody celebrates Halloween.

CNY Celebration
 Nobody remembers Chinese New Year. No "Ang Pao". Why care?

The Beamish Museum
 There are no culture, history or live museums. Nothing, even close by Newcaslte.

Northumbria University, Habita
In University there are no Bars and Clubs. Just canteens.

Almost every city in UK have a China Town
Newcastle is poor. There is no China Town.

The Millenium Bridge
 Newcaslte is like a small village. Dark, Boring and "Ulu".

Angel of the North

There is nothing outstanding like the Eiffel Tower

Superdry Retail
Peace. Camwhoring in da dressing room during Mega Sales. Well. It is obviously i miss Newcastle.
Travel plan. Next year. I should be back.

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