Friday, 9 October 2015

Happy Birthday Mom! From Youngest Son.

Mom and Sis
Last week was Mom's Birthday. Another important event that I have missed. I should have been there. Is not that i never thought of buying a flight ticket home, but... well, let's not talk about that. haha. 

Anyway, Happy Birthday again Mom.! Hope to see you soon during CNY!
Family Photo Without ME!
Some Family Members Arrived

My next travel plan will commence next week, hence, i will still be updating for now before a long break.

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Can't wait for my next travel plan

Can't wait for my next travel plan starting next week. Departing from the hot desert of the middle east, towards the english empire. One of the largest city in the west, modern, vibrant and truly multicutural as one of the leading global cities.

Then journeying further north. Embracing a land filled with brilliant natural lights, the Nothern Lights, gorgeous landscapes and rugged appeal. A photographer’s dream that beckons anyone with an adventurous spirit with its awe-inspiring landscape. 

Bon Voyage.

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Down with Tonsil Infection

My Meds

Well nothing new to today's world. Just a quick visit to the clinic, with a medical card, you will  be leaving with a bunch of medical supplies. It is amazing just how many types of medicine are available out there. Did the doctor actually tested whether it is ok for patience to take different kind of medicine at the same time?

I do have eye allergies, before coming to Dubai and leaving my previous company, i did stock up some allergy pills from different clinics :)

Well tonsil infection is nothing new too. You don't usually need to rely on pills. Drink lots of water. Most people will think they are drinking enough. But no you ain't. If you are drinking a cup, drink two. If you are drinking a bottle, drink two. If you are drinking a litre, drink two. And always gargle your mouth with a glass of salted water.

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Feeling like Winter in Desert at St. Moritz Cafe @ Mall of Emirates, Dubai

Snowboarding at Ski Dubai

Great experience snowboarding last weekend, check it out here. What's more? Nice cosy environment and good view of the Snow Mountains and Penguins in Ski Dubai. Alpine atmosphere. Christmassy feel. Yes. Is the St.Moritz Cafe. 

The St.Moritz Cafe. From the Internet.
Grill Salmon (AED 66.00)
Lamb Tagine (AED 66.00)

We had the Grilled Salmon and Lamb Tagine. Their food do have pretty good flavours, was delicious. Price was reasonable too. One of the interesting restaurants you can find in Dubai, with great winter feel in the desert country. Environment was excellent.

Location : St.Moritz Cafe, Mall of Emirates,
           GF, next to Ski Dubai
Rating : 3.8/5.0

Critics : Everything was great besides the poor customer service. Well, that's the key problems restaurants owner have when there are some staff that have lack of responsibility or customer service skills. This 1 or 2 staff may have just ruined customer's experience. We were standing at the entrance, but both staff at the entrance did not entertain us but was speaking with themselves, doing something and also walked away. The fat-pinoy-man staff did entertained a western couple before us. He obviously saw us too but of course did nothing. Therefore, we walked in ourselves, expect not-wait-to be seated.

Will i be back? Probably.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Chinese Dining Experience at Star Lake Restaurant @ Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai

As a Malaysian Chinese, English educated. I am used to having fast food and western meal since young. When i am hanging out in a shopping mall or somewhere, I will usually pick TGIF, Chili's, KFC, McDonald, or have Chicken Chop, Mixed Grill, English Breakfast at the "kopitiam" etc. to have my meals. However, i must admit. No matter how much western or foreign country food I used to have, there is always a part of me that seeks for something Chinese. Especially when i am ill. We just need to have some Chinese dishes and white rice to keep us feeling comfy and satisfied.

Well even now in Dubai. There are plentiful of good middle eastern and western food to choose. However, i still want some good Chinese food! My manager once brought me to try this Chinese restaurant down at JLT. It was pretty good, so i brought my partner there for dinner. Star Lake Restaurant.

At the Entrance
The Interior
Roast Duck (AED 48.00)
Mapo Tofu (AED 23.00)
Sweet and Sour Chicken (AED 28.00)

We have another satisfying Chinese Meal. The cost for Plain Rice (AED 5.00) and Soft Drink (AED 5.00). This will be my forth time here and still wanting more. The interesting part is that the Chinese restaurants here are usually run by China Chinese and also majority China Chinese customers. So you do get some authentic China Chinese cooking.

Location : Star Lake Restaurant, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Cluster F Rating   : 3.8/5.0 
Critics  : Interior design was dodgy due to the favour of having furnitures and finishings in dark or black colour. Food was great but not that great. Could be better in all ways.

Will i be back? Definitely.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Happy Holiday Peeps!


Happy holidays dear friends, family and bloggers! A happy home meal and catching one of my favourite movies, Maze Runner, Scorch Trials. I must admit the movie was pretty good! Full of thrill and excitment. I got the Scorch Trial Combo Meal! I know the movie was released in Malaysia quite awhile ago. In Dubai the movies seems to release few weeks later. Dont know why, but i believe it was the censoring and terrorist checking thingy! Correct me if i am wrong. LOL.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Chinese Dining Experience at Mian Dian Wang Restaurant @ China Cluster, International City

Tonight we felt like eating out, feeling like having some Asian food. So went hunting for some wholesome and immensely satisfying Chinese dining experience. We headed to the so called "china town" of Dubai. The China Cluster in International City Residential area.

We tried somewhere new, a restaurant called Main Dian Wang. The place was fine and food was authentic Chinese. Dishes was well presented too. We enjoyed our dinner.

Stir Fry Mushroom with Bak Choy (AED22)

Hanging Roasted Chicken (AED38)
Beef Rib Corn Soup (AED10)
Mini Egg Tarts (AED12)
Pumpkin Sago Cream (AED8.00)

There is not much choice due to some items we wanted on the menu was not available. We order Beef soup as the Black Bone Chicken Soup was not available. Craving for delicious roast duck but not available. So went for the roasted chicken. Love the egg tarts which was hot and fresh baked. But the dessert, Pumpkin sago cream wasn't as tasty as we expected. Perhaps not cold enough for the extra kick.

Location : Mian Dian Wang, International City, Grd, A 04 Building, China Cluster, Dubai.
Rating : 3.5/5.0
Critics : I had a serious stomachache on my way home. A nightmare along the highway, in desperation needing the toilet but kept missing gas station stops. A long way home. But, my partner was fine and messing with me, so probably was not the food. Crossed fingers.

Will i be back? Definitely.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Snowboarding Discovery Lesson at Ski Dubai, Mall of Emirates

Further to my posting Top 5 Things to Do This Coming Weekend in Dubai, i have finally did the one and only activity that i have been trying to find time for. Yes. My top pick. Doing some snowboarding at Ski Dubai!

At Ski Dubai Entrance

Finally arrived. The Ski Dubai is a amazing indoor snow resort in the Mall of Emirates. Having a mountain-themed wintry setting, with huge ski slopes, it a perfect place to have a comparable feel of skiing in the real natural environment.

Counter Area

The common entrance fees are the Super Pass at AED 250 (includes visiting, car lift ride, giant ball and fleece gloves voucher) and Power Pass at AED 300 (includes super pass and discovery lesson or peng-friend encounter or snow bullet). However, we did not come for leisure but instead wanting to gain some snowboarding experience. So we went for the Ski School Discovery Lesson (60mins session) at AED150.

Got Our Tix!
We booked online in advance to avoid disappointment. So on the day we just need to head to the counter and register. Get a locker card for AED25 to stuff our belongings. It is just that easy to enjoy the Ski Dubai.


Head inside, collect our winter cloths, basically a outer-shell jacket and long-pants. Very good quality. Keeps me sweating. A pair of boots (you can ask for disposable socks too). And a Snowboard! The only disappointment was sleeve or gloves was not provided or given. So we got to buy new ones, fortunately was cheap, AED50 a pair. There should be more notice and warnings about this.

I must admit it was a exceptional experience. Snowboarding was much easier compared to wakeboarding that i tried in Malaysia at Putrajaya. Guess it is much easier to balance on snow than water. The snowboarding feeling was awesome. I was never good at ice skiing, still remembered how i slip and fell down embarrassingly. At least i am pretty good at snowboarding. cool.

My Hearty English Breakfast Version

Not to forget my version of hearty english breakfast to kick start the day! Cooked some pretty heavy breakfast, wanting the satisfying feeling. Have a good day peeps!

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

One of my best buffet experience in Dubai, Kitchen6 @ JW Marriott Marquis Dubai

Live Station (from the website)

Today we went for one of the famous buffet restaurant in Dubai, the Kitchen6 at JW Marriott Marquis Dubai. A all-day dining restaurant featuring international buffets, asian woks, middle eastern grills, european breads and indian tandoors. Having a open kitchen concept, provides you with a great experience watching the Chefs in action. Having a total of six cooking stations, wide selections of food, and my favourite is having a fair variety of delicious desserts.

The Restaurant (from the website)
A very interesting and lively dining atmosphere. Great open concept and ambiance. Great service from entrance to dining. Very fine selection of food and also cooked beautifully. We excitedly started helping ourselves with some delicious food.

Done with main courses. We went over to the dessert station and was surprise how wonderful it was. The desserts was beautiful and tasty. Ice creams was perfect. Something i would expect in a fine dining restaurant but now having them in buffets.

Another satisfying buffet night. A lavish buffet dinner. Also don't miss their themed nights which falls on Sunday Street Food Night (AED195), Monday Curry Night (AED215) and Tuesday Mediterranean Night (AED215)

Location : JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai,
           Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
Buffet Price : AED195 (including drinks) and above.
Rating : 4.2/5.0
Critics : None. With a reasonable price, with such great qualities and standards. I am speechless. The food can be even better. I don't mind to pay more.

Will i be back? I am already craving for more daily.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Things you should know before moving to Dubai

Now, Dubai have been a jaw dropping cosmopolitan oasis of cityscape that towers over the Arabian Desert. A futuristic city. 
40 years ago, it is a huge desert. Sandy. No rivers, hardly any rain. Always dry and hot. Building a city seems almost impossible. However, technology have allowed the impossibles. Soon, Dubai will be hosting the Expo 2020, one of the largest and most enduring global mega-events. Lasting six months, World Expos attract millions of visitors who explore and discover pavilions, exhibits and cultural events staged by hundreds of participants including nations, international organisations and businesses.

As i always say, coming here was part of the plan since i was taking my Degree in the United Kingdom, in Newcastle Upon Tyne. That I have envisaged years ago. Working global, in the Middle East, Dubai.

I did have a posting for a quick guide to the Middle East previously, hoping to reach anyone that would want some quick insight about working and staying in Dubai. Many more thoughts came up to my mind while i am in Dubai. Thoughts of things that i was not really aware of before coming here, or maybe, did not really noticed.

Dubai is not the Capital of the UAE
Something that i have not bothered to check. Dubai is one of the seven emirates (others: Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm al-Qaiwain, Ras al-Khaimah and Fujairah). Dubai have been the highlight among us expats that know nothing about the UAE. However, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, is actually Abu Dhabi, one and a half hour ride away. Also one jaw dropping oasis and having the famous Ferrari World that most of us know about.

English are mainly used
Remember the times when you go to Japan, Taipei, Hong Kong and etc, having some tough time communicating in English? I still remembered the times when i was touring Japan, from Sapporo to Tokyo to Osaka, i have not came across any Japanese that could speak English with me. Besides my tour guide when i was in Sapporo or the hotel reception.

But in Dubai, English is widely used. Almost everything is written in English. Arabic may be the official language, but you may tour in Dubai for a week and all you hear was English.

There is so called Winter Season!
My favourite season. Who would thought you have winter season in the desert. Winter season falls around November to March. Winter weather is very pleasant and dry, with day time of around 25 degree and night time of around 10 degree. I wore winter jacket during night time :D. Unfortunately this year winter seasons was not that cold compared to previous year, looking forward for winter coming November :)

Property Rental Market and Living Expenses 
One thing you have to know about staying here. That eats up most of your salary. Rental prices here are crazy. Expect nothing less that AED5,500 a month for a cheap studio. Besides you are willing to travel further away or fortunate for having your work place at lower cost areas, then you may get something like AED3,000 a month for a cheap studio. Expect splurging at least AED300 for a proper grocery shopping for two. Sometimes it is more expensive to cook at home than eating out!

More than 50% of the Population are Indians
I have a culture shock when i first arrived. I thought i landed in Little India. I still remembered the first day i arrived, coming out from the arrival exit. Right in front of me, huge amount of people waiting outside for arrivals, 99% Indians. Well that's not a big deal, but still a shock.

Just imagine going to London. Coming out from the London Airport and all you see is Chinese people. Just don't feel right! Perhaps when you landed back home in Malaysia, coming out from the airport, and it is all Brits out there, you may thought you got invaded again!

When Internationals Works Together
Yes, if you are working here, just remember. more than 80% are expats here. It is not about going to US and looking forward to work with Americans. Or going to China and looking forward to work with Chinese. Or going to Japan and looking forward to work with Japanese. Coming here is not about working with the locals, Emirati. Is about working with Internationals. Is all Expats working here. Expect lots of different views, working cultures and etc. Do be very open and patient! It does drive you crazy at times.

Feeling Safe is always Great
Having some tough laws as a Muslim Country which follows strict Muslim Laws. Sharia Law. Muslim laws and culture is very different from west or democratic nations. Since in movies, everything was pretty glamour and international friendly. And nothing of such strict Muslim law was being mentioned or shown. I only get to know more when i was here. But it was not that bad as long as you follow them. As a booming city, Dubai have adapted to many international standards, different cultures have been respected differently.

But, this was not a big deal. Dubai has become one of the safest places on earth because of tough laws. After being here for almost two years, there was never once i felt any security issues (besides the law, LOL). I don't even lock my apartment door sometimes. I still remember my previous apartment the balcony sliding door lock was spoilt. But well, no one actually bothered to visit me through the balcony window. tsk tsk* 

I always remember the times when i was in Malaysia, coming and going out from home - walking, entering or coming out from my car - at the car parking area - chilling out late a night at the pub or "mamak" - at the ATM machine - , as long as i am alone or with my partner, i am always in full alert and getting ready for some James Bond / Bruce Lee action every second.(of course, it is still a beautiful country and my home, just some precautions is needed, just like any country). Even when i was studying abroad in the UK, and travelling around Europe, did not felt that safe either. 

Thanks for reading. Please do not miss this top posting!

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