Monday, 23 May 2016

Chill w Mates, Dubai Mall #World Largest

The Dubai Mall, world largest mall by area. Adjacent with the world tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. Good news. My mate Jon and Adzo is finally in Dubai. Well, they are actually based in Abu Dhabi. Came over for the weekend. We spend the day at Dubai Mall. Just chilling. 

Fighting with kids at SEGA Republic indoor theme park. Malu*

Awesome indoor slide. Did not try them, just don't feel save due to my weight. lol.

Love the waterfall. I called it suicidal waterfall. Don't ask me why. 

The Fashion Avenue. Well, the shops in this place is definitely beyond me. Window shopping does not kill. Right?

I will definitely have a cup of cappuccino here one day.

Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo is definitely remarkable. Having its 270 degree acrylic walk through tunnels and having a zoo located above the aquarium. Consisting of three ecological zones, the rain forest, rocky shore and living ocean. Also now housing the king croc.

Meeting the Dubai Dino again! Awesome seeing this amazing fossil inside a mall.

Feel like skiing? Nah, still remembered how i fell and slide all over.

Went outdoors to check out the Burj Khalifa. Did it touch the sky?

Miss my mates. Probably gonna drop by Abu Dhabi this weekend.

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Dinner at World Tallest Restaurant, The Atmosphere @ Burj Khalifa

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Staying Home, Having iWok!

Yum Yum!

I think i am getting lazy! Dubai can be really hot during the summer season. Even night time feels like sauna. Humid. Home delivery is a very common thing here. People stay indoors often. I gained 7kg of weight after coming to Dubai. Ouch* Tonight is another lazy night, staying in the comfort of a/c room, watching "The Walking Dead" series, ordering home delivery! We had iWok this time, having healthy asian food.

The cool thing about iWok is that you choose how you want your main course to be. First choose your type of rice/noodles (AED27). Second the ingredients like chicken (AED7), shrimps (AED10), calamari (AED7) and etc. Third and finally their specialty sauce (free) like korean chilli, teriyaki, peanut sauce and etc. Love the fortune cookies (complimentary) that comes with it. There goes my diet..