Friday, 27 November 2015

London Day 4 - Chilling in the City and Depature to Reykjavik, Iceland

Finally, our last day in London City. It was a quick getaway. Feeling reluctant to leave. Fortunately, our travel does not end here. Next stop, will be our main travel stop. Will be sharing next. 

Today we will be doing a little walking around town. Walking pass a few main attractions in the city.

Brunch @ Enrique Thomas

We went over to Manmouth Street (Near Convent Garden Station), beautiful place with plentiful of stores and restaurant. We went over here first as my partner wanted to visit the Shu Uemura Store. Since we were there, we went over to Neal St. for some delicious Jamon  (£7.05) and Paella (£10.80) at Enrique Tomas. Can't miss out the delicious Cerveza (beer) (£3.50).

The Romantic Convent Garden

Next we walked down to Convent Garden. One of the place i really love. Very small but a lovely and happening area. Also the venue that one of our brave Malaysian did an astonishing marriage proposal where you can find in youtube.

Walking Around River Thames

We did not took the underground train instead walked all around the city centre. Heading down towards the River Thames. First walking along Strand Road. Heading towards Trafalgar Square. Beautiful place and having the National Gallery Museum. Large, stunning and free admission!

Then walked towards Whitehall Road, passing the stunning Horse Guard Parade. Nice place. Elegant Royal Guards. It is funny why you need the police around went you have Royal Guards. The Royal Guards should do the Guarding!?

Finally, down towards the River Thames, walking along the Victoria Embankment towards Westminster. Where you will stumble upon the remarkably huge London Eye, Big Ben Tower and Westminster Abbey.

Really great experience! London have been beautiful as ever. However, i must admit that 5 years ago, my stay in London City for over a month was much more satisfying. The city was more lively and colourful compared to now. Now seems slightly more dodgy and old. Having a lot more beggars and unfriendly looking foreigners around. Selling stuff or doing some gambling scam thingy along the streets. All the best, Londoners. I will be back! 

Went back to the hotel. Took our luggages. Went over to King Cross Station. Took the underground metro all the way back to London Heathrow Airport. Did some shopping. And finally departing to Reykjavik, Iceland.

London Day 4... end... 

London Day 1 - Arriving and Shopping !
London Day 2 - Gordan's Bread Street Kitchen and Shakespeare's Play  

London Day 3 - Hard Rock Cafe and Historic Walk

Sunday, 15 November 2015

London Day 3 - Hard Rock Cafe and Historic Walk

London... Day 3... London Day 1, arriving and shopping, have been really fun. Day 2 have been exceptional, experiencing Gordan's Bread Street Kitchen and Shakespeare's Play. Day 3 we will be visiting the Hardrock Cafe and further more historic experience!

The Elegant Buckingham Palace

We started of at Buckingham Palace (Close to St. James Park Station). The London residence and principal workplace of the reigning monarch of the United Kingdom. Quite a beautiful Palace, surrounded by beautiful parks like the famous St James Park, Green Park and Buckingham Palace Garden.

Do arrived at 11am to witness the changing of guards at the Palace. Was an interesting sight not to be missed.

The Hardrock Cafe London 

After watching the exceptional guards changing ceremony at the Buckingham Palace. We headed over to Hardrock Cafe London (along Piccadilly road, close to Hyde Park Corner Station). We walked through Green Park, just a few minute walk. The Hardrock Cafe customer service and hearty delicious food have always been impressive. We have always visited every Hardrock Cafe at different places and country for its delicious food and interesting souvenirs. Especially the magnets!

We had the followings~
Legend Burger £16.25
Twisted Mac & Cheese £14.45
Glass of Parini Rose £7.25
Half Pint of Budweiser £2.75

Next, Historic Walk!

Next stop, we took the train and headed towards the National History Museum (Close to South Kensington Station). My favourite museum. Plus, it is free admission. Next to the History Museum is another famous Museum, the Science Museum. However, we did not stop by there due to time constraints. We needed to head back to city, stop by the popular British Museum and meet my cousin (working in London) nearby for dinner.

Love the History Museum. Watching these huge Dinosaur bones was very impressive. Next, we headed to the British Museum (Close to Holborn Station). Admission free! A really huge museum, having a large collections from all continents, dedicated to human culture, history, art and culture.

Finally, Burger and Lobster! 

Met up with my close cousin at Farringdon Station. We walked over to a nearby restaurant. A highly recommended restaurant. The Burger and Lobster! Having only three main course (burger, lobster and lobster roll), costing £20 each. Lobster was fresh and delicious. Burger was well, always good!

Another fun day in London. Museums are one of the highlights in London. Very huge, very interesting and admission free. Great to finally catch up with my cousin. Tomorrow will be our last day in London, we will be walking around town, towards the lively and romantic Convent Garden and finally towards the airport. Time to depart to Reykjavik, Iceland...

London Day 3.... End...

Friday, 6 November 2015

London Day 2 - Gordan's Bread Street Kitchen and Shakespeare's Play

St Paul's Garden

First day, arriving and shopping. Completed. Our main highlights for today will be having our English breakfast at Bread Street Kitchen owned by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay and catching the Richard II Play at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. Can't wait.!

The St Paul's Cathedral

We started of with a morning walk around St Paul's Cathedral garden. Feeling old. Taking a look at the cathedral's amazing architecture.

The St Paul Cathedral

The Gordan's Bread Street Kitchen

Next, headed down the Bread Street. Just along the St Paul's Cathedral. Arriving at Gordan's Bread Street Kitchen. The restaurant amazed me. Its interior design was astonishing, with its really spacious settings.

At the Entrance

The Interior

English Breakfast (£11.95) and Cappuccino (£3.25). What's Better?

The high standards does reached my expectations from this place. From exceptional restaurant's interior designs to customer services to food qualities. Everything was great. However, prices are way above my budget. Probably a place for business men.

Great Way to Start the Day

The Millennium Bridge

I must admit, was a great breakfast besides burning a hole in my pocket. Well, we continued our journey, walking towards the Millennium Bridge. Just opposite the St Paul's Cathedral. One of the beautiful bridges in the world.

Walking on the Millennium Bridge
Lovely Street Performance

Just right after crossing the bridge, the building right in front will be Tate Modern Gallery. Quite an interesting place for a quick visit, having some interesting Modern British Arts. Note, almost all Museums/Galleries in London is admission free so why not enter!

The Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

A must go! Lovely place. Lovely live play. We went for the Richard II play by William Shakespeare. A highly intelligent and fast-moving production.

Got our Tickets

The Theatre
Crowds are coming in fast!

They were very strict with the no camera/video during the play so we were not able to take any pictures of the play. Tsk tsk. To me the play was really good, was a great one time experience thing. Not something i would go for a second time, not really a fan of  watching people talking. Simply saying, the play was all big talk and no action. Lol.

The Borough Market

Next, we walked about 5min towards Borough Market. London's most renowned food market. Great places to find some local street food. Best to visit during the peak times where there are plentiful of stalls.

Borough Market
Wasabi Sushi & Bento
Some Quick Lunch

We walked around and stumbled upon this interesting Sushi Restaurant. Looks interesting enough to get us in. We had the Salmon Teriyaki (£6.45) and some sushi which cost around £0.60 to £0.72 a packet.

The Tower Bridge

Next, checking out the Tower Bridge. Quite a sight not to be missed.

Walking walking walking~

The Westfield London

We ended our day with some luxury shopping at Westfield London. One of my favourite mall in London. Huge mall, huge variety of shops. I don't think one should miss out this mall if you are a shopping person.

Travelling in London have been really easy due to the huge underground train network. With the prepaid Oyster Card, we easily take the train or bus. Today was another great day in London City. Tomorrow we will be checking out the Hardrock Cafe London.

London Day 2.... End...

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