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Saturday, 23 July 2016

Why Coupon Online?

How to find online coupons? Promo Codes? Many online shoppers have been desperately looking out for good voucher, coupon and promo codes; to get the best bargain on their purchases. Well, i have been searching. I am always looking out for exciting online coupons and promo codes for high rating restaurants, new electronics products, sports and outdoors items, travel and leisure offers and many more. Definitely many would be doing the same, wanting to get some good discount and not knowing how. 

By knowing how to find these online promos you could be saving quite a lot of money, imagine doing it for every upcoming purchases. You could be saving quite a lot. However, many online shoppers fails to notice the benefits and take advantage of these and not knowing how easy and convenient it can be done. 

Many online shoppers today are taught to conveniently add items in their shopping cart and checked out (make payment) most easily. Or purchasing from a retailer directly when they really like and want to own a product they stumbled upon. They would tell themselves it is ok, it is worth the money because it is not easy to find something they really like. Well, without realising they could have gotten a discount with the online coupon or voucher. Well this is no surprise as most online websites and retailers does not set up in a way to inform you about coupon and promo codes and how easy to actually get them. You are always directed to make payment at most convenient with best customer service by your side.

I believed many will be interested to use OZCodes.com.au. OZCodes provides one of the best and latest deals and offers on top brands across Australia. Having over thousands of active coupons. With many free delivery offers. Having average saving per coupon user of $27!. That’s quite a lot of savings.

OZCodes.com.au can save you a lot of money in handful of ways. Providing you discounts on purchases, free delivery and shipping, free app downloads, free items and many more. Providing you the best deals unlike other websites or coupons provided by most retailers themselves. They don't usually have the best deals.

Finding a good coupon site is not easy. There are quite a lot of work using the search engine and finding a reliable site. Going directly to OZCodes saves you time and providing great diversity of coupons. 

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Having Delicious Milkshakes @ Shakeism Milkshakes

Taste the Revolution

I am not really a milkshake kind of person. Would usually go for Soda than Milkshakes. I started getting interested in milkshakes after watching the "Green Arrow" series. Where the "White Canary" likes to dip her fries in the milkshakes. Looks delicious. Well indirectly most of us do it when we were young while having McDonalds Sundae and Fries.

I have gotten more interested when i had one of the best shakes and burgers in town at Shake Shack. Delicious. Then.. came across this Shakiesm Milkshakes in the internet. Highly recommended. So why not? Lets do it!

Shakeism Milkshakes

One hidden gem for milkshakes. A small cafe hidden in Barsha 1. Close to Mall of Emirates. Shakeism Milkshakes probably not known to you and you would have passed it many times without noticing it was there.

The Cafe
The Waffles

For milkshakes (AED24.00) we had the hit-list shakes Cheese Cake Killer with cheesecake, digestive biscuits and blueberry; Viva La Shake with dairy milk cadbury, area and choco chip cookie and Full Metal Jacket with banana, nutella and ferrero rocher. You can also create your own (AED20.00) and adding cost per flavour (AED3.00).

For some bites we had the original soft and crunchy belgian liege waffles (AED10.00). You can have it plain or with nutella, biscuit spread or chocolate fudge. And the delicious rebellious oozy gooey nacho grilled cheese sandwich. The Bandito (AED14.00). 

Cheesecake Killer + Bandito definitely the best. Definitely a satisfying brunch we had.

Location : Shakeism Milkshake,
           Behind Ramada Chelsea Hotel,
           Barsha 1, Dubai
Time     : 11.00am to Midnight
Email    : dine.montgomerie@theaddress.com
Tel      : +971 4 325 5360

Rating   : 4.5/5.0
Critics  : Lovely variety of milkshakes. However, having only Bandito and Waffles may be quite lacking of stuff for bites. Even waffles only comes with few flavours and nothing interesting.

Will i be back? Sure! Milkshakes a must!


Well the day does not end just like that right?? Snowboarding time!! Is this really a desert!?

They did not allow us to head up the hill top without taking the classes =( So step by step peeps, here we go, Beginner Snowboarding Class (AED250)! Time for some "falling" and "rolling" session!. Ouch*!

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Experiencing Shinwari Cuisine Round 2 @ Wakha Restaurant

Craving and needed more of this delicious Shinwari Cuisine! Told you i will be back! Bro Jon and Adzo are in Dubai again, hence, brought them to try this place out for dinner and catching a movie at Mall of Emirates after. Independence Day 2. Excited*.

The Restaurant
Our Delicious Dinner

Of course, we ordered the delicious Dumpukht, this time 500grams (AED75.00), Succulent lamb meat cooked on a very low flame in its juices and bone marrow with potatoes flavoured with aromatic spices & herbs. Have not fail me. Delicious.

Next the Shinwari Chicken Karahi 500grams. Probably one of the best chicken dishes i ever had, fresh chicken cooked in tomatoes and green chilies.  The meat was so juicy and tasty. 

For rice we had the Kabuli Pulao Beef Platter (AED40.00). Afghani delicacy consisting of long grained steamed rice cooked. So fragrant. So tasty. Definitely a good mix in there.

And lastly, can't miss out the Lassi Sweet (AED15.00) a sweet or savoury traditional drink made from yogurt or buttermilk base with water. Very delicious and refreshing again.

Feeling satisfied. Done with dinner. We headed for Mall of Emirates for some shopping and movie. It was another great day. Next day we are heading to try one of the best milkshakes and bandito in Dubai. Stay tuned.

Location : Wakha Restaurant, Opposite Lulu Hypermarket
           Barsha 1, Dubai

Time     : 12.00pm - Midnight
Tel      : +971 4 3470788

Rating   : 4.30/5.0
Critics  : Realised that the restaurant need better housekeeping!

Will i be back? Sure!

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Irvine's Recipe - Siu Yok!!

My Home Made Siu Yuk

Ok. I do work hard. I do play hard. I do travel hard. Well, of course, i do cook too! hehe. Missing some delicious food from Malaysia. We decided to prepare some ourselves. So lets do it!

Siu Yuk (Chinese Roasted Pork)
For this you will require the belly part. Boil the belly slightly to clean and soften texture. Dry. Marinate whole meat with Chinese wine and five spices, salt and white pepper. Dip bottom meat with sauce (mixing light/dark soy, white pepper, Chinese wine and five spices). For skin side, ensure it is entire dry. Use sharp fork or stick to poke the skin texture entirely (this will make it crispy). Rub with vinegar and cover with salt. You can leave it in the fridge for a night for better flavour.


Wrap the belly with aluminium foil (reduce open gap to avoid splashing of heated meat oil/liquid). Leaving only the skin side facing up exposed. Place into oven and heat till skin is deliciously crispy.

Singapore Premium Laksa

Okay for some extra kick to our dinner, we make some delicious Singapore Premium Laksa. I do highly recommend this one. Slightly costly but definitely having great flavour. Anyway, Dinner Time!

Ta-da! Dinner Time!

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