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Monday, 26 September 2016

Chilling and dining at Atisuto, Galleria Mall

Quite a boring 5 days public holiday. We didn't plan much. Budget flights were sold out. Weather was hot for outdoor activities. Some buddies headed back to Malaysia. Went to Abu Dhabi to catch up with Jon and Ben. And both of them came to Dubai to catch up with us. Damn. 

Emaar Logo

Went shopping at Dubai Mall. Always a great place to spend time. Love the Burj Khalifa lighting effects.

Gold Strips

This light effects was my favourite. Looks elegant.

Bubble Pops

This one was pretty catchy. There were numerous designs. Was really impressed how technology have came this far.

Dubai Mall Fountain

Had a peaceful stroll outside of Dubai Mall. Overlooking the Dubai Fountain and Burj Khalifa.


Well this beautiful glory fountain was my favourite inside the Dubai Mall. Also jokingly named the "suicide fountain".

Dining at Atisuto

After lazying around Dubai Mall we headed to the Galleria for dinner. Japanese night.

Location : Atisuto, The Galleria
           Al Wasl Road,
           Al Safa, Dubai

Time     : 10.00am to Midnight
Tel      : +971 4 343 6303
Cuisine  : Japanese

Rating   : 4.0/5.0

Critics  : Was impressed on the overall presentation of the place and food. However. Pricey. Flooding Katsu curry (AED56) in a bowl of rice and quite spicy. Teriyaki Salmon (AED56) was fine only.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Abu Dhabi, Just Chilling

About a week ago was one of the best week ever. Having five days in a row of public holiday leave. That's like the longest public holiday i ever had in the Middle East. Well that's because most of the time my company forced us to work on alternate days during the holidays. Jon and Ben came down to Dubai for a short getaway. Me and wifey instead head down to Abu Dhabi for a short getaway. LOL. Of course we took turns, so that we could chill together. The rest of our buddies went back to Malaysia, betrayal!

Activity 1 - Having Brunch at Leopold's of London

Wifey Cant Decide Again

We headed down to Abu Dhabi late in the morning. Had our brunch together with Jon and Ben at Leopold's of London. Since they are well-known for fresh ingredients and great for breakfast.

Imperial Roses (AED30)
Leopold's Breakfast Board (AED82)
Leopold's English Breakfast (AED80)

Their white tea was a pleasant drink. Wonderfully fragrant roses, pleasant light sweet taste. Definitely a hearty breakfast. English breakfast was lovely, homemade braised beans topped with veal sausages, veal bacon, vine tomatoes, slow roasted mushrooms and poached eggs on your choice of toast. Breakfast board definitely an interesting one. Thick cut smoked salmon, avocado, poached eggs, slow roasted tomatoes, shaved bresaola, fruit yoghurt and choice of sourdough or wholegrain bread.

Activity 2 - Abu Dhabi Heritage Village


An interesting place that i have wanted to visit since two years. Been here the third time now. And still failed to visit! This time it was closed, probably due to public holiday. But was not informed in the website! However we did take a walk inside, only following a barricaded walk path towards the restaurant. Well... i will be back!

Walking towards the Restaurant
Facing the Sea
Activity 3 - Marina Mall

One of the best mall in Abu Dhabi. Having interesting features such as raining sound effects. Lovely place. Nice for having a leisure shopping and chilling. Having many restaurants and coffee shops.

The Raining Ceiling
Outdoor View

Activity 4 - Golf Time

Driving Range

We headed to the Al Ghazal Golf Club driving range for a round of golf. Darn... my skills got really rusty! Felt like a beginner again. Gotta work it out more. We came here as they have a really good Korean Restaurant just along the driving range. Dinner Time!

Activity 5 - Dinner at Madang Korean Restaurant

Private Seating Area
Ddukbokgi (AED50)
House Special

Definitely one of the hidden gems in Abu Dhabi. Hidden along the golf range but well known to many. Usually packed with diners. Having full Korean dining experience set in a traditional surroundings. Food was authentic and delicious.

The End

Lovely day! We headed home after dinner. The journey will take us about an hour to reach back Dubai. On the way me and wifey was not satisfied, it was holiday, we have plenty of time, hence, we stopped by the new Outlet Village Mall! Which was on the way. Gone broke this time. Will be posted soon.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Touring the Madinat Jumeirah

The Madinat Jumeirah

I consider the Madinat Jumeirah one of the most beautiful place in the United Arab Emirates. It is actually built as a Arabian Resort of luxurious 5 Star Resorts in Dubai City Centre. Located along the beautiful private beachfront of the Jumeirah. Also having one of the most romantic restaurant ever, the Pierchic. Where i bought my Wifey for her Birthday. Also the magnificent Burj Al Arab, 7 Star Hotel. The fun and thrilling Wild Wadi Waterpark.

Brunch Time!

Today we will be meeting up with Jon and Adzo. Adzo girlfriend and Jon parents are here in Dubai. So we will be having Friday Brunch together at the Latitude, Jumeirah Beach Hotel. Gonna cost a bomb (AED340/pax) but well, the buffet was amazing. Love the variety of fresh seafood, live sashimi counter and many more. My favourite would be the aromatic chinese soup noodles and having it with one of the delicious roasted duck drumsticks.

Nice. Cotton Candies!!

We usually have our delicious brunch buffets at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. After meal we could walk outside and even take the "golf buggy" free ride service to other side of the madinat. Where you will pass the 360, Beach Combers, Burj Al Arab, Pierchic and etc. The place is beautiful. You will find many highly rated restaurants along the madinat and the view was breathtaking. Along you can also ride the Abra (water taxi) to different destination.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel Poolside
Taking our Buggy Ride
The Madinat Jumeirah
The Burj Al Arab
It Was a Great Day!

It was a great day today. When you have great company, all you can eat buffet and a free buggy rides along the madinat. 

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Steak Hunt, What's Your Best Beef Cuts?

What's the best beef cuts? What's the best part for you? Since they are usually the expensive items in the menu, it is really worth understanding how each one is different and which you would like better than the other. Me and my partner have been going steak hunting a couple of months now including cooking at home by ourselves. Just to know which cuts we like best. Tenderloin. Sirloin. Striploin. Rib-eye. T-Bone. Prime-rib. Etc. They are of different parts, hence providing variance in tenderness, texture, taste and etc. 

This time we were having our shopping at Mall of Emirates, so we decided to head to The Butcher Shop and Grill for our next steak hunt. They are well known for their in-house meat preparation, one of the best steakhouse and burgers. We tried two of their top cuts in the house, the T-Bone/Porterhouse (AED159, 550g) and Prime-Rib/Bone-in Rib-Eye (AED159, 550g).

These cuts are one of my top list due to their huge amount of delicious meat nicely cut, with the bone. A cut that suits me well as i do eat a lot and i love lots of juicy meat.

The T-bone, according to some regulations i found online, its width defines its classification for either porterhouse (1.25") or T-bone (5"). Having best of both worlds, one side of the T-Bone you get the tender Tenderloin and on the other side is the tasty and juicy Striploin.

Primerib... as the other name states quite clear it is the Rib-Eye cut. Rich flavour and juicy tenderness, with generous marbling throughout. Definitely majestic looking even before cooking. Definitely my type of steak, having a rich and beefier flavour.

Marbling are one of the key factors that plays a huge role in determining how delicious the meat can be and definitely defines its quality grades. Stay tune for next Steak Hunt.

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