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Getaway to a Country that Shaped Like Sweet Potato, Taiwan #Flashback #Taipei #Part 2

Flashback, Taipei, Part 2! Taipei have always been one of the choice Malaysian made for their travel. Able to get hold of cheap flights. Vibrant place. Chinese speaking. Huge night markets, plentiful street foods. Lovely Taiwan Sausages, desserts and dumplings which are well known in Malaysia. If you have travelled to different countries, in Taipei you get to experience a mix of Chinese, Western and Japanese.

Taipei have been a really enjoyable place to visit. I would say my experience was perfect. Now our journey continues..

Visiting the Old Wooden Jingtong Station

The Old Wooden Jingtong Station

This place is one of my personal favourite. Located in Pingxi Distric, New Taipei City. A well known tourism area, very traditional, very historical, with many stalls and souvenir shops. Originally a coal mining town.

Entrance Area
Old School Game
Photo Spot
The Train
Train Line

Checking out stones at Yehliu GeoPark

Yehliu, quite a interesting place to visit, with a number of rock formations with very interesting shapes near the seashores. A famous one, the "Queen's Head". Even mushroom head, ginger head, you name it. Why the shapes? Well i wont go into the details, but well mostly due to limestones, sea water, weather conditions, etc which caused the soil/stones to form as time passed.

The Yehliu Geopark

Darn! Raining! But nature do not stop us!

The City. The Taipei 101

In the City

Taipei city is beautiful. Modern. Clean. Vibrant. Safe. We enjoyed the night walk really much, the city was a pleasant place to stoll, and plentify of shopping malls. Weather was great.

Well while you are in the city. Do not miss out the Taipei 101. The building was once the world's tallest somewhere till 2010, losing to the Burj Khalifa. Honestly this building is gorgeous, one of the most beautfil building i have witnessed. Even the Burj did not gave me the wow factor (maybe due to weather/sky effect too).

Time to say Good Night at the Fisherman's Wharf

Finally, our last stop, Tamsui Fisherman's Whaft, a very beautiful and lovely place, a must visit for lovers. This place is well known by its beautiful sightseeing, seafood and especially the lover's bridge. Of course, we are here for the lover's bridge :)

The Lover's Bridge

Good Night People. Stay tune for more travel updates!

Friday, 24 July 2015

Getaway to a Country that Shaped Like Sweet Potato, Taiwan #Flashback #Taipei #Part 1

Just Chilling

Flashback! There are just too much memories, happening, events, etc, which i have missed out. Believe you too! Life have been busy. Life have been hectic. Life have been hard. Time flies. Time was limited. After the Bangkok-Pattaya posting, now lets see what Taiwan have to offer. 

Taiwan is an island nation, shaped like a sweet potato. Taiwan is densely populated, quite a modern city, with very interesting cultures, traditions, night markets, historical areas and also known for its steep mountains and lush forest.

Sexy Glass Toilet

We, double couple, will be visiting Taipei, the national capital of Taiwan. This will be a leisure trip, just chilling, 5 days 4 night. A quick getaway from our stressful country.

Shangrila Leisure Farm, Yilan

Leisuring in the Farm

Just about an hour ride away from city. We went to the Shangrila Leisure Farm which is located in the foothills of Dayuan Mountain in Dongshan Township of Yilan County. I find this place a very peaceful place, with a mild climate, with very beautiful landscapes. Great place for a stroll and breath of freshness.

If you are up for such a wonderful place with nature, staying a night or two will be great. There are beautiful resorts here. At night, you are able to watch fireflies, releasing sky lanterns at night and enjoy the peaceful night in the beautiful greenscape with the sound of nature.

The Famous Wooden Swing
Great Farm
Always wanted to play this :D

Shihfen Station (Sky Laterns and Old Street)

The Local Restaurant

Now we will be heading to Pingxi District of New Taipei City, Shifen Old Street, one of the famous stop along the Pingxi Brance Line. The Shifen Old Street is filled with souvenir shops, stores, restaurants and mainly the sky lanterns. Your trip to Taipei, Taiwan is never complete without visiting this wonderful place.

We stopped for a quick lunch at one of the local restaurants.

Ordering. Challenging our Chinese Language
Delicious Noodle

Done with lunch, we took off and finally arrived in Shihfen Station. This place is a beauty. There are so much to offer along one short stretch of train line, with shops at both sides of the track.

The Double Couple Tourist

Time for lantern writting to record our wishes before releasing. I am always feeling regretful for not learning my chinese language well. It is always better to write chinese than english. Not only the artistic point of view also the great meaning behind the chinese characters.

Careful. The Train do pass by!
Done. Time to Light it up.
And send it Flying!
Craving for Snacks.

It have been a great visit here. We enjoyed ourselves. The experience was execeptional. Part two of my posting i will share a really interesting place called the Jingtong Station close by to here.

The Original Din Tai Fung
The Entrance

Dinner time! Din Tai Fung have been pretty famous in the Malaysia Food Industry for quite some time. Although there have been many new competitors but DTF is still famous for their Dumplings. Xiao Long Bao. One of Taiwan Famous.

Another no trip to Taipei will be complete without a visit to DTF! There are many reviews on the long ques and so on, however, don't worry, the waiting list moves really fast. Well, how long you want for eating dumplings and noodles!
The Pork Dumplings and Beef Noodles are Execellent


Chilling in Ximending

Ximending is a shopping district in the Wanhua District of Taipei. It is a pretty happening place with lots to offer. Something like the "Shibuya" in Japan.

Hunt for the Ay-Chung Flour-Rice Noodle (Ximending). The soup is not too thick or starchy, great texture and nice taste. Pretty yummy.

Ay-Chung Noodles! One of Taiwan Famous
Lining Up
Adding sauces and herbs
Looks Yummy
And taste yummy.. the noodle...
Try the Super Long Ice-Cream!
Delicious Pork Rice
One of Taiwan Famous
Good Night!

Besides Ximending, Taipei is also famous for their Night Market. Shilin Night Market, around Wenlin Road and Dadong Road for some really tasty Taiwanese food. Is a must. Another "authenic" experience will be Raohe Street Night Market, a short walk from the Xinyi Distric, Taipei 101. Plenty of Merchandises ranging from clothing, electronics, hourseware, food, etc.

Better not Miss out the Taiwan Sausage
Shopping Items


When i need to take a SHIT!

Friday, 17 July 2015

Bangkok-cum-Pattaya Getaway #Flashback

I Luv Thailand

Flashback! One of my most treasured trips, going to Bangkok-cum-Pattaya short trip with my bunch of fun friendly colleagues and accompanied with my partner. Honestly, Thailand is a place filled with culture and tradition. There are so much to experience, so much to see, yet everything is cheap.

We arrived at Bangkok, and headed to our first destination, Pattaya, about two hours car ride. One of the best place for a short trip when you are travelling to Bangkok. Let's check out my favourite Pattaya attractions!

The New Floating Village

The Floating Village

The Pattaya Floating Market/Village is a major attraction here, for me, it is like a floating village theme park! With much activities, traditional shows, shops, food, souvenirs, bus services and facilities. The Floating Market are cultures and traditions of Thailand.

Lets GO!

If you are planning to visit, do check out if there is any requirements for paying the entrance fees, as when we were there, there wasn't a charge yet, however, we were tricked and directed to the counter to purchase the entrance ticket. 

Well, we only knew after we paid, as many people just walked in freely and so we did some research when we were back at the hotel. However, it didn't bother our happy trip time, everyone needs money.

Makan Time!

We did tried variety of food that they offered here. Well, of course counting out the weird ones. Did not want to take the risk trying something poisonous and may end up ruining our entire trip.

The Elephant Ride

Coming to Thailand and did not experience the elephant ride? You must be kidding me! The Elephant ride experience in Thailand is a must, exceptional experience, go for the ones with off-road experience, especially crossing the river/lakes. Awesome.

Boarding the Elephant

Crossing the Lake. Beauty.

Chilling on the Water

I must admit that the Elephant Ride was one of my best experience in Thailand.

Sanctuary of Truth

A gigantic wooden construction, the top point of the building is about 105m high. Imagine, wood! 

The Sanctuary of Truth

There is no way one should miss this beauty. Witnessing the exceptional craftsmanship. Along side the ocean, watching its amazing wooden structure. 

Heading back to Bangkok

Pattaya have been a wonderful experience. Small city with lots of culture to share. Next stop, we headed back to the Capital of Thailand, Bangkok, and so the city experience begins! Happy to share my top favourite attractions.

Experience the "Tuk Tuk" Ride
Getting Ready to own the Streets

A experience you must not miss. The Tuk Tuk is not only a symbol of Bangkok, but also one of the most convenient and cheapest way to travel around the streets. Great experience, especially when we are in a group. However, don't bargain too low, they may end up forcefully drive you to many shops (to earn commissions). Well, nothing is free.

The Boys Tuk Tuk
Look Who's Driving!

Enjoy Shopping at Chatuchak!

Window Shopping TIme

Chatuchak is not for everyone, if you did not do your research, did not try to understand the place, if you are just unlucky always getting lost around the dodgy areas. How to enjoy your shopping experience? Knowing where to go and what you want. Chatuchak is so huge that you may not realise you are turning in circles. it is like a maze of stalls.

There are higher end areas, with nicer stalls, proper facilities and better shopping experience. However prices are slightly marked up. If you head to another side of Chatuchak, there are a more of dodgy, less people, but probably you can get a better bargain. Bulk purchase are very cheap.

Enjoying Ourselves
Dodgy Area

The Grand Palance & Wat Prakeaw

Getting all excited

A place you must not miss. The Temple of the Emerald Buddha. As one of the most important Buddhist temple in Thailand, located within the grounds of the Grand Palace itself.

The Temples

This place is awesomely beautiful, very traditional.

Checking out the Golden Architectural
The Golden Buddha

Cabbage and Condoms Restaurant

A must try, as one of the most unique restaurants in Bangkok. The C&C Restaurant is not only interesting with it's condoms concept, dining experience are also interesting with great food, well decorated indoors and outdoor decks.

Plenty of Condoms! Souvenir!

You Get Free Condoms! :D

Dinner Time :)
I must admit the food was pretty good too. Unique experience and a great place to have dinner. Why not visit?

Last Highlight, the Sirocco Sky Bar @ Lebua Tower 

Well, did you catch the movie Hangover Part II? If you did, how can you miss this awesome place!

From SkyBar

Amazing view of Bangkok City, delicious wines and cocktails. Our red wine was really delicious, regretted i did not record its name/label.

Last Night Chilling in Bangkok
I am so glad that we managed to organised this trip and i also make the time to participated. As time passes, most of us have moved on and further our careers and life on a different path. Not only we don't get see each other often. Meeting up is also difficult. Time constrains. And Locations. Will be way too difficult for any of us to have such a large group trips again. Well life goes on. But memories last a lifetime.

Next up, Taipei Flashback!
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