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Saturday, 27 August 2016

Hello Friday #Wagamama #Shopping #Godiva

Hello Friday

What to do this weekend? This was probably one of the most common and challenging question i asked myself every week. Life in Dubai have been well balanced, have been treating one fine, having the extra time where you basically don't know what to do because you have done most of it. LOL. 

Iced Coffee (AED18.00)

Starting our weekend with a delicious brunch at Wagamama, Golden Mile 1, Palm Jumeirah. Having a glass of delicious iced coffee. Great starter of the day. Then a flavourful bowl of ramen. Aromatic plate of katsu curry.

Teriyaki Salmon Ramen (AED55.00)

Noodles in spicy miso and chicken soup topped with grilled teriyaki salmon, a tea-stained egg, salmon chikuwa, wakame and hijiki, garnished with menma and spring onions.

Chicken Katsu Curry (AED48.00)

Chicken coated in crispy panko breadcrumbs, covered in an aromatic curry sauce served with sticky rice and a side salad. Wagamama have been one of my favourite asian restaurants. Not only the beautiful interior designs, very comfortable, they served well balanced and healthy dishes too.


After our hearty brunch we went for some shopping at the Dubai Mall. Well more excuse for me to hunt "pokemon". cough*. 

The Dubai Mall

Got bored with Dubai Mall and we actually headed to Mall of Emirates for round two. And also grabbing some groceries before heading home since there was a huge Carrefour there. Definitely splurge plenty today!

Godiva Ice Cream

Lastly, treat ourselves with some delicious Godiva Chocolate Ice Cream Cones! What a day! Knackered*

Friday, 26 August 2016

Finally Visiting The King Croc @ Dubai Mall Aquarium

Lovely View of the World Tallest Structure

Here i am. Back in Dubai Mall. This place is hot. I mean. Hot. Like. Cool. Never get bored of being here as you get the World Tallest Structure here. You get the World Largest Mall here. And now you get the King Croc right inside the mall. I know i have been posting much about the Dubai Mall but how can i not!?

Underwater Tunnel

This was actually my second time here. Dubai Mall Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. Having a huge 10-million litre aquarium tank located in the Dubai Mall. A underwater tunnel, having sharks, rays, sea fishes and etc. Further continuing our journey at the underwater zoo  having amazing creatures inhabit both rivers and oceans. Rainforest. Rocky Shore. Living ocean. Night crawlers. Also housing the King Croc and so called Queen Croc.

King Croc Enclosure
The Huge King Croc

See it to believe it. Weighing 750kg and measuring over 5m in length. Weighing 150kg for the king croc's head alone. 60 pearly white, dense, razor-sharp and the size of your average index finger. 

Upper Floor Viewing. Queen Croc at the bottom.

I was amazed that the entire enclosure was glass. They even have the viewing at the upper floors. Definitely very ambitious. The enclosure seems quite small but the crocs seems very relaxed, active and healthy looking. How i wish i had my DSLR with me right now.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Beavers Bend Cabin, A Peaceful Getaway

Beavers Bend Cabin at Southeastern Oklahoma, located in Mccurtain County, discovering peace and tranquillity in Beavers Bend State Park. Experience the beautiful lakes, lush forest, night sky full of stars and having a glass of whiskey while staying in one of the cosy and romantic private cabins for the night. Surrounded by thick trees, towering pines and enormous hardwoods.

With growing selection of vacation rentals in Oklahoma area, renting a privately owned cabin to have the best lodging experience will be a challenge. The best lies at the secluded cabins where guests have the most privacy with nature itself. Private cabin rentals make up the majority of the lodging near Beavers Bend. Getting the best cabin experience will make your dream trip.

Enjoying the scenic beauty of the Beavers Bend State Park, one of the most popular destination in Texas, Oklahoma. Crystal clear water of the lake and mountain fork river. Best for a relaxing canoe and boat ride. Eagle watching, trout fishing, horseback rides, hiking over 15 miles trails and many more. About seven miles north is Broken Bow Lake. Comprised of over 14,000 acres of clean clear water surrounded by the Kiamichi Mountains and forests. Having a pleasant fishing activity. Also a favourite scuba divers area. Visit the Forest Heritage Centre, finding historical documents, antiques forestry tools, periodicals and many other materials.

Wanting more of a relaxing day without much travelling, why not just stay back in your beautiful Beavers Bend cabin rentals and treat yourself with a award-winning spa treatments. Or enjoying a hot tub bath provided back in your cabin, even on the terrace of your private cabin.

Beavers Bend cabin rentals, a peaceful getaway far away from city life. A great experience for yourself, your partner or a popular activity for your friends and families alike.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Pokemon GO - I Got Pikachu as my Starter!

Pokemon was one of my childhood favourite anime. I did want to be a Pokemon master just like Ash Ketchum before. LOL. Their first season was a hit for sure. Next playing the Pokemon video games. It was pretty easy because i am good at it. cough* Getting into Pokemon game cards. Didn't last long as don't have much company but i did have quite a huge collection.

Finally, it took them (adults) really long to finally come up with this idea, Pokemon GO. I believe most of us, but definitely myself have already thought of this game style since childhood time. But what in my mind was definitely better than this. But overall to create a game such as Pokemon GO is no easy task. Love this game and hoping there will be some sort of player vs player battle style and much more to come. 

Well back to topic. Pikachu as starter. I was surprise many Pokemon lovers did not noticed this. In Pokemon games whenever you see Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle at the beginning. There is definitely something you need to do to get the Pikachu (Following the anime). For Pokemon GO for most of you already knew, just walk away and back a few times, and Pikachu will finally appear.

There you are Pika Pika!

Ok peeps. My Pokemon journeys started "really late". But i am coming! Gonna catch all Middle East Pokemon and beat your ****. Screw GPS, need to leave my apartment and out on the streets just to get the Pikachu. 

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