Friday, 29 May 2015

Dubai Miracle Garden #FlowerLuv #MyLuv

When there is a bright beautiful day, fleecy clouds, you just cant miss the chance to check out the enchanted Miracle Garden. Relaxing, peaceful, stunning, beautiful flowers all around. In Dubai, just 20min drive from the city. Great imagination of excellent landscapes.

Love this place. Great place to take wonderful photos, have a walk, and of course if you have children, is an ideal place to bring them to. We went during winter time, since this is an open park, will be roasting during summers.

Just Chilling

Flower House
Upside Down
Great Creativity!

View From Higher Ground
Walkway with Cars!
One of my best experience in Dubai, the place was pretty amazing especially if you love flowers. Night time will be much superb, when they will turn on the lights in the Garden.

Walkway filled with Luv

Time to Say Good Bye
If you are around Dubai, you shouldn't miss out this place. Worth at least a drop by just for some photo shooting :)

Dubai Miracle Garden
Al Barsha South 3, Barsha/Dubailand Area
Timing : 9am - 9pm
Admission : AED30

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Jebel Hafeet, Al Ain #Road Trip #Exploring the Desert Mountains

Finally, desert road trip, Jebel Hafeet, a very awesome and popular road trip in the UAE which i have missed out. Was pretty caught up with the Hokkaido / Tokyo posting, holding up on the Osaka posting temporary to catch up on the UAE.

The drive up the mountain, Jebel Hafeet and the desert views  are exhilarating. One of my best experience in the UAE. A pretty unique one.

Enjoyed the drive all the way to the top. The view was lovely. Night view will also have its very own charm, having view of the city at night.

Love the views up here. There are numerous stop areas for tourist to stop, take a break and also witness the beautiful desert landscapes.

Falling in Love with the Dessert
Hotel Mercure Grand, Jebel Hafeet
When you reached the top, there is a nice hotel called Hotel Mercure Grand. A nice place to take a break, have some meals, and also having a great scenery at its outdoor area. If you want, stay a night or two!

Outdoor Area
Heading Home
The Jebel Hafeet, is just outside of the city of Al Ain, at the border of UAE and Oman. One of Abu Dhabi's most popular natural attractions. About two hours drive from Dubai.

Beautiful sandstone mountains, with surrounding desert landscape. Well worth road trip. Next post, travelling within Dubai once more, the famous Miracle Garden.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Tike, a taste of Istanbul @ Jumeirah Beach Residence, The Walk

It was weekend, having a day of free time, we just need to find something to do. Finally, we decided to go to the Jumeirah Beach Residence, Beach side, The Walk. Had a lovely stroll along the walk while food hunting. Love this place, at the shoreline with very beautiful landscape, peaceful and quiet, and having lots of nice restaurants.

We stumbled upon this interesting restaurant. Warm lighting and beautiful furnishings, gives this Turkish restaurant a chic flair, an ideal place to bring someone special to have dinner. A taste of Istanbul.

Checking out the Menu

Authentic Taste of Istanbul, great spices and fresh herbs. Offering traditional fire-grilled kebabs, authetic turkish appetizers, fresh salads and delicious desserts. I must say, their dishes was very unique and interesting.

Had my usual delicious cappucino and my partner tried the Tike Herbal Tea (looks like "Qing Tong").

Loved their lamb and beef. The marinate was very flavourful. Nice. This is a place i will come back for the second time.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Latitude Restaurant, International Tastes @ Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Buffet. Me and my partner are huge fans of buffet. We just enjoy seeing the variety of food and chow them down one by one. So today, eager for another buffet, we decided to try the popular Latitude Restaurant.

Jumeirah Beach Resort
The variety was fairly wide, having fresh flavours of Japan, Malaysian, Lebanon, India and varied cuisines of Europe. A great international spread.

The diverse cuisine is interesting. Love the selection of fresh seafood, meat, pastry and a variety of homemade pasta at one of the restaurants live cooking stations. 

Taste of Europe
Pasta Station and Malaysia Cuisines
Having a nice comfortable indoor seatings (also outdoor) with a resident live band regularly playing, it was nice. 

So... lets start eating!

Of course, just like asians, starting of with fresh seafood.

Sushi Fresh
 Next. Just like any man, we want steak(MEAT).

Juicy, Tender Meat
We had a couple of rounds of main course. Some pasta, then had some indian cusines, chicken tikka, curry and naan.

Finally, to end the great evening buffet with a cup of freshly brewed cappunico and some lovely desserts.

The Hotel is along the Jumeirah Road, just adjacent to the grand Burj Al Arab, Seven Star Hotel. So it will be a waste not checkig it out. 

Burj Al Arab
It was a great night. Will be back.

Location Ground Floor, Jumeirah Beach Hotel
Cuisine International
Breakfast 06:00 to 11:00 daily
Lunch 12:30 to 15:30 daily (excluding Fridays)
Bruch every Friday 13:00 to 16:00
Dinner 18:30 to 23:00 daily
Tel : +971 406 8999
Eml :

Friday, 15 May 2015

Having some Granny's Waffles #Too Good

The Granny's Waffles
After a long hard day at work. Both of us decided it is time to give ourselves a little treat. No... A huge treat!

We were in the Dubai Mall and decided to to try the famous Granny's Waffles. It was a decision that we did not regret. Wait, we did regret. We should have skipped dinner and just fill our tummys with delicious waffles and pancakes :D

Our Awesome Experience
The portion of waffles and pancakes was huge. Well the presentation was still very beautiful. Topped with strawberry jams, mixed berries, mangoes and bananas. Was a great mix. 

I love the taste and texture of both the waffles and pancake. It did not disappoint me compared to other experience i had at other cafes. Usually there are quite tasteless, having poor textures and require lots of those honey syrups.

It was an uphill task to finish them as we we had dinner before coming.

Lovely Place to Chill
The place was comfortable with nice settings and comfy sofas. I will be back for more!

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